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  1. Nithas

    Matrix 3

    Matrix 3: Likes: DEATH! Lots of it and just the people who needed to die most. DIE DIE DIE DIE! The captain of the APU forces was the man. Give that dude an oscar. The french dude getting punked. Any time the french get punked things are good. The continuation of the biblical references and overtones. Best part IMHO. Dislikes: The "Force". If Neo was any more oblivious I'd have to strangle someone. Trinity needs to either be a real woman or be a hard ass. Not both. Gosh Darned it Morpheus, knock dem boots! Link, stop being everyone's lap dog. Smith needs to either be funny or be a wooden post, ala William Shatner. Return of the King: SHUUUUUUSH! I never got around to being able to read the darn books and I wasn't about to read em after seeing the Fellowship of the Ring. Let me falsly enjoy the movies and then be disapointed later when I read the books! Episode 3: Anakin had better whip out some hard core whup-arse. I wanna see mad Jedi Death, but Mace Windu better represent before goin down.
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