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    Reading, Writing poems and short Stories, Drawing, Playing UO, Final Fantasy XI, Talking and chatting with my best friend Michelle/Charlie. Single<--- don't know why I put it but I did, Ok, I have nothing else to think about writing so I shall leave it at this "Strength and HONOR"
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    Kendr Zolar Bear Reporting for Duty! Strength and Honor
  2. Thanks everyone! It means alot and I won't let anyone down *strength and honor* P.s - anyone good at making sig's? Sindee that sig is awesome, how did you make it? I want one! hahaha
  3. *strength and honor* Good Evening everyone. We are reading this because our Empress "Charlie" Has been missing now for a long enough time where it is not a matter of when she is comming back, it is a matter why she has not come back and it is up to all of us to do our part in order to find out some idea as to where our empress is, is she in danger, if so we must act quickly to save her. During a Tavern discussion that occured last week, Mareak, Ug, Renaab, Thom, Piper, myself and others decided to split up and check various locations in order to assess the situation. Mareak and Ug Checked Trinsic up and down because from prior knowledge, Charlie was spotted there. Renaab and I checked N'jhelom and come up with nothing. We continued to check around for a while when I discovered a book in the Skara COmmunity Center. This book contained writing to her husband and other relatives asking for forgivness and hopeing they would not be offended or upset with her reasons for leaving. Shortly after find this book and everyone regrouping at the community center that we then found the Dark Elf Rennor' Orbb hiding not too far from the book inside the building. We attempted to bind her and question her but she got away only to come back a few moments later with Paradox in which a battle took place outside. I was unaware of this after being engaged in a conversation with a Miss. Arianna whom is a friend of Charlie. I asked her for her help in which she agreed that she would give us any information that she may have come across in the future. I also ran into Anfalas for the 4th tim that evening. Three times in Trinsic and once in the community center, he seemed to be following us around strangely enough. I talked with him a bit along with agreeing to help in any means of information he might aquire, he also let me in on some information about Paradox being THe Purple Guardians of Honor's Oldest and worst nemesis. And we should look into that a little more. Later that night Piper, Thom, Ug, Renaab decided to investigate the location in which the strider occurence happened. We may believe that there is a connection between the behavior or strider and the missing Empress. I have noticed that in the little time we began to investigate we ran into a pile of clues and trouble. SOmething definetly strange is at foot in which we have the following characters: Strider Charlie REnnor' Orbb Paradox Anfalas Arianna If anyone has any idea, any information and would like to start up a search party so we might find clues and figure out whats going on. I please ask you to inform either Mareak or myself. Any further information will be added to this posting. *Strength and Honor*
  4. I'll dust off my robe and show up.
  5. I will miss you Charlie, we all will miss you, but I promise to make sure that Charlie comes back strong as ever. I shall do everything in my power to try and keep the house clean in your stead hehehe but no, come back to us soon but please be safe and keep in touch so I may inform your family of what is going on . Safe Journeys to you Charlie and Return to me I shall Miss you Strength and Honor My love
  6. Kendarick

    R/L Meeting

    My apologies to all Fellow New Jersians, Hey Charlie What are you expecting as far as monsters in South Carolina hehe, I'm thinking some Ettins and cyclopses. DOn't come to Florida, we Have Love bugs hehe they are about the same as imps but in packs of hundreds, FYI (Bad University of Florida Experiment gone haywire) hehehe
  7. Kendarick

    R/L Meeting

    Did I write Jew Jersey?? whoops, I mean New Jersey, sorry everyone *thumps back of head* hehehe
  8. Kendarick

    R/L Meeting

    Well, I'm pretty game with it, I still have my vacation time (1-week) to do away with, I would love to meet the people behind the pc that fight along side me in battle. Charlie and I have been trying to meet one another but I live in Ocala Florida and she lives in Jew Jersey hehe so its quite a drive, I was thinking maybe a massive get together in the middle maybe s or n carolina like Charlie suggested, It would be really fun. Let me know more whenever Safe journeys everyone
  9. Saturdays and Sundays would be best for Charlie and I milord, We work all other days haha Strenght and Honor
  10. I thank you sir, I am very eager to learn from one of the empires knights if not all of them And also, if anyone needs a partner on a hunt or mission, feel free to pigeon me and I shall suit up and join thee. Safe Journeys to all "Strength and Honor" "Live with Honor and Die with honor" "As I swing my sword upon my foe with great vengance, I look down into my soul and question my next move. So quickly I can strike him down and be done with this battle. Yet I pick up his sword and hand it to him so that when I strike my sword down against his , My honor will remain true no matter what fate awaits me, in the end"
  11. Hail To All, Although some of you know of Charlie and I's wedding, I would like to invite all of Pgoh to our wedding on the 7th of September at 5:30 eastern skies in the beautiful town of Nujel'm, you will have to forgive me if I have mispelled the name of the town, my last encounter with Balron has left me a bit shaken Charlie do not have a specific attire planned for the ceremony so I wish of you all to wear what you feel most comfortable in as long as it is appropriate I wish everyone safest journeys in our travels around this dangerous world For "Strength and Honor" Live with honor and Die with honor
  12. Hello everyone, along with our date being set for our wedding, We have also decided a place to be wed, we chose Nujel'm. I wanted to let everyone know where so that when the day comes everyone knows where they are going Strength and Honor "Live with honor, Die with honor"
  13. I thank you Orion, can you play any Black Sabbath? or AC/DC? maybe a little queen would be nice We would be honored if you played "Strength and Honor" "Live with honor and Die With honor"
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