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  1. All: I've mentioned to a few people (Steel, Hudson) that I'm going to have lots of gameplay questions since I've only returned now after being gone since 1996 (yeah, a LONG time). Things are very different now, and lots is confusing. If anyone can, please help me with the following questions: What is the max STR one can achieve without any magical enhancements? What should my AR and resistances be if completely naked? Why might my AR be at -40 when I've stripped down to nothing (no clothing, armor or jewelry)? If all else fails, how can I nullify all magical enhancements and be sure that my "baseline" stats are correct? I thought my weird AR was because of reactive armor or arch protection, but I can't tell. I've tried to cast Dispel on myself to remove any/all magical effects, but it always fizzles (because then I've taken off a ring and bracelet which have magery bonuses). I'm sure there's something I'm missing, as it just doesn't make any sense. Putting on all my armor (and casting reactive armor / arch protection) eventually get me to about 51 AR, but that seems darned low, too, since I think I've got fairly nice stuff. Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide. --Kozz
  2. Thanks to all for the warm welcome. I can tell it's going to be lots of fun. Thank heavens for some real role-playing! While training my char alone, I attempted to role play a few places, but it was depressing to see very few willing to RP, or even speak in complete sentences (ty np lol). That, and getting tips from people on ways to "cheat the system" with EasyUO and such. I decided I didn't want any part of that. in 1996 and before, I was part of the arms race, macroing skills and such here and there. That actually ruined the game for me, so no more of that, ever. Be it known that while I'm back in the game for now, I can't quite anticipate how involved I will be come schoolyear. I've returned to school part-time, and I fear there may come times when I will disappear from the game for extended periods (weeks, or a month or more? eek!). That being said, I know you'll all be great about it. I'll have to make some sort of impression so I'm not forgotten in the meantime.
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