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  1. I will to see to gathering mages for ye Elathiel.
  2. Now that made me smile! :smilewinkgrin:
  3. We all get burned out..take as much time as ya need..but you'll be back we always are! :sleep: oops posted twice..darn browser...
  4. We all get burned out..take as much time as ya need..but you'll be back we always are! :sleep:
  5. ahem..excellent to hear "Rand's squire"..i need 5 val axes..and 300 val suits of good plate done by sunday..oh and good job helping Elathial!
  6. 3rd party programs include scripts..like for looting etc?..is there a list of aproved updated etc?
  7. I got invis items!! *dances around* The perfect gift for me!! sorry this is Rand..didnt realize wife was logged into boards!!!!
  8. Elathiel you might also ask Claire De Blood...if not her I know one of her sisters' is a gm bowyer...
  9. Heh...gosh Triston I know my irish family is all nuts...don't think i could handle a greek/irish family
  10. I've been passing them out as I see people so if you haven't gotten urs yet send me an icq Elathiel if u got a book w/ someone's else name in it please send me a pigeon
  11. For those who were unable to attend last Sunday's meeting 01-12-02...There have been a few issues over Uniform, so I have asked everyone who will be attending the next two PGoH Sunday meetings to be fully dressed in their uniform...So there is no confusion Sunday, January 19th & January 26th...I want to see everyone wearing the proper attire...If I so much as see a Heran without a sash I will be handing out punishment. This also means the correct color purple, No Aruguments Please. I feel I have given everyone fair warning. Please don't make me ask twice
  12. I just wanted to take some time to apoligize for my absence over the past few weeks. I am afraid I got tied up with real life issues...my crazy irish family came into town and things did get crazy....A true irish Christmas it was, in only nine days we went thru 120lbs of potatoes and $500 in beer, that's not including bar tabs I am really sorry I haven't had time to get on UO, especially since I was running Secret Santa...However I am glad to announce that my crazy irish family has all gone home and I will have lots more time to play UO I haven't recieved some Secret Santa gifts back, so if you see me on please send me a pigeon and I will get with you. :biggrinSmurf:
  13. Needless to say Thiork...I will be happy when ur back to ur good ole self....
  14. Thorik your tree is wonderful Honestly...You did an awesome job. I don't care what anyone says, but you will never make every single person happy in game or in real life and that is how it is. There is always gonna be atleast one person who likes a different shade of purple...I mean it's a preferance or opinion....and an opinion is like an #######...everybody's got one...But the bottom line is you go with what will make the majority happy. and just so everyone knows there was a poll about changing the color purple not to long ago and it was changed to what the majority wanted. I think that the leadership will expand as the guild does...it will take time though..
  15. well considering the new orc threat and the senator seats..i would think all senators should meet soon?
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