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  1. Gah! Blast from the past: Happy Hallows' Evening all ... ! Be well.
  2. Hehehe... what funny memories, Kodoz.
  3. what a great story steel, i can feel it in my heart.
  4. i would like to test.. the uo ingame chatroom feature. you can access this chatroom, by clicking on the chat button on your paperdoll. while i am logged in, there will be a chatroom available called: PGoH. the current password for entry.. is also: pgoh. id like to see if this feature can be used as a viable way of comminication ingame. so.. if when you are logged in.. open up this chat room.. resize it to a decent and managable size, and re-position it to one of the corners. this is just a curious whim that i have. thanks again.
  5. wow.. another publish already.
  6. I forget.. do you gain one of those pesky titles if you heal others but not attack or defend?
  7. Wow, I sure do miss all of you. I hope you are well. We shall meet again, soon.
  8. What about the entire village of Novus Sanctum? That is a fine neutral vast area, with little interference. The "battle area" can stretch from the nothern border all the way to the western dessert edge. Perhaps you can even use the houses?
  9. Did they release an estimated time of delivery for the new patch? I remember hearing that it would be here in a few weeks, and that was a few weeks ago. Let me know.
  10. all items acquired. thanks everyone for your assistance.
  11. all acquired except for stone oven (facing south).
  12. I am looking to purchase the following: 8 Wooden Benches (standard color) 8 Wooden Tables (standard color) 1 Stone Oven South Please send me a message (52593817), if you are able to supply them.
  13. ohh.. THUNT night, i get it. -thanks!
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