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  1. That is what I have heard others say, but I am not picking light or dark options to be a light or dark player. Now if I decided to doublecross my employer and stab him in the back, then I would expect dark side points....
  2. No! Say it isn't so... That was the only thing keeping me in business. I was proud of my 60k nest egg at level 21...I guess any return is better than no return.. Sometimes I just have the game online while watching TV or doing other tasks, just repeatedly sending out my companions on Slicing missions. The game overall feels like an offline single player game so far. Very little interaction with anyone, unless we are fighting for the same spawns.. I felt more comraderie with my fellow players during the beta, now it's just a massive world to play your single player game. I play a Bounty Hunter, and I feel the choices in dark/light storyline and choice of companion are all wrong. I had a plan set out to be a emotionless BH who worked for the credits, not trying to be good or evil. But every choice I make seems to imply I am the worse person in the world commiting the most horrible atrocities, or just plain selected the wrong opton. And they could not have provided the worse starting companion..I swear we were accidentally given the Jedi Knight companion... As for space combat...I didn't think I'd like it, but it is pretty fun. Yeah I would have liked free-roam space better. But it is a nice diversion from running around, and it yields alot of XP, and rewards..
  3. Can an Empire player mail to Republic player? I need to start a character just to get all the Underworld Trading I am missing out on by taking Slicing...
  4. I went with Armortech to keep me in Heavy Armor... I also picked Scavenging to find the materials, and Slicing to pay for it all (may want to tweak poll, it doesn't allow this combo). My first slicing mission got me a level 90 purple ship weaponry schematic. In the following 50 missions, I barely broke even. Hopefully I don't regret the Slicing decision, when I can't get the rarer materials Underworld Trading may have gotten me... -Aubringer
  5. 1) Main: Aubringer 2) Alts: None yet 3) Wow: never played... 4) Forum: Aubringer Hypnotic
  6. If you played Beta during the weekend of Nov. 25th you do not need to unistall the software, it will automatically patch to the release version. If you played Beta prior to Nov. 25th you will have to uninstall any software you have, and reinstall. If you are unsure when you played, there is an easy way to check. A specific file will exists on your PC...but unfortunately I have those notes written down at home. I will edit this message with that file info later... -Aubringer
  7. I received my email and was able to enter the game on the 14th. -Aubringer
  8. Hello all, thanks for having me back! I'm looking forward to having fun with T.H.E. again. I see you've spruced up the place... I will be playing 'Aubringer' in game, a Bounty Hunter with a strict code of job completion. I only take jobs for pay, and when I take a job, I see it through to the end...I honor my agreements, even if I took a bad job. There is no convincing me to change my mind halfway. Once word gets out that you didn't complete a job as agreed, no one wants to hire you anymore, and once I win the Big Hunt I expect job offers to be coming in a-plenty. I don't have have a heart of gold....unless it was included in my pay. -Aubringer
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