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  1. On top of the approaching holidays, this past weekend I celebrated my birthday and got some cool new PS2 games. I will try to have Ug (&crew) pop in and say hi at least. In case your wondering the list goes: Tony Hawk Project 8 - The jury is still out but early poles don't look good for this one. Character creation sucks, I have allready fallen inside a couple of objects. (Gift from Wife) Destroy All Humans 2 - Perssonnaly I loved the first one and this one is almost as good, so missions are a little confusing and lack guidance. Two player option is alot of fun since it is either Co-op or PvP and it takes place during the story mode. (Gift from Sister) Mortal Kombat: Armageddon - This is the one I have played the most, recently. Kreate-a-Kombatant is cool, alot of combinations to work with including some face morphing. The Konquest (story)mode is good but not as good as the one in Deception. This one is very linear to the point when a door closes behind you thats it. I preferred the free-roaming Konquest that Deception had in it. The boss is a pain in the butt as usual. All in All it looks like it will mean more MKAA meetings for me. (bought with money from various people) WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 - It's okay, go ahead and laugh, but yes I am a professional wrestling fan. Even if you weren't this game is a lot of fun. I actually got this up in Michigan while visiting Wolf SilverOak's parents, but she said it was an early birthday gift. (Early Gift from Wife)
  2. I had to create three accounts before I got one that worked. The first one the confirmation link sent to the email address didn't work, the second one was my fault (sort of) I used my work e-mail and of course our spam blocker wouldn't let the confirmation email through, and finally the third one worked.
  3. Who are you installing the VOIP for? I ask this because the company I work for is going to VOIP soon and it would be cool if it was you doing it.
  4. I have a thief that has just been sitting in a corner collecting dust. I would like to shake that dust off of him and play him a little bit. My request is simple and easy. I would like members to carry a red bag in thier backpacks. The purpose of the red bag is anything put in it is free game for a thief. He is a bit of a klepto so it doesn't even have to ba anything valueable and is in a "warred" guild so he will be orange and free game if he is caught stealing. He is also set-up(mostly) to collect rares from places like doom and the like.
  5. 1. Safe from a jack@$$ West Virginia driver then attempted to run us off the road and into the concrete barricade on purpose. So if you are every in West Virginia watch out for a white Toyota Tacoma. 2. Safe from the twisting and blind corners of the lovely Virginia mountian area backroads in the dark of night. The interstate had a bad wreck which had traffic backed up for 13 miles. This of course caused a few fender benders which slowed the traffic down even more. So after going 3 miles in an hour and a half we decided to take the back way home. 3. But most importantly I am finally safe from her crazy parents.
  6. Happy belated birthday Charlie from both Ug'zyx and Wolf
  7. Just wanted to post a quick hello from my In-Laws. We arrived here (Battle Creek, Michigan) on Sunday and were greeted by snow flurries 5 minutes into the state. We will be heading home on Saturday. Wolf and I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving.
  8. Where in West Virginia?? I live in Roanoke, Virginia (about 30-45 minutes from the border). Not that we could actually meet up or anything since I'll be in Michigan that week. hehe
  9. I know the feeling Eisaac. I have been going part time for three years now. The 1st 6 months I had one job and went full time, then spent a year and a half working two jobs and going to school full time (which is 12 credits here or three night classes), now I have one job and am subject to when they decide to have the class I need. I had planned on just working straight through to my bachelors, but think I will take a year off.
  10. On the 18th(Saturday) the wife and I are headed to Michigan for the week of Thanksgiving. We will be spending the week with her parents and I probably won't have any kind of internet connection. I am taking my laptop so I may get lucky. Also, my play times will be changing a bit for the next few weeks. I am also a college student and I have classes on alternating tuesday nights. So every other tuesday night I wont be on at all until maybe 10-10:30pm (EST) and probably not until 8pm the other weeknights. I am almost done with school though I have only 1 class to take after this semester and I will have my Associates in Information Systems Technology.
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