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  1. Thanks for your comments Baracko, As it stands, i will attempt to keep our wed run going. ill just see who of our roster shows up. Ill be willing to help, or lead a new run once more of the crushers finish keys. i dont want to get in the way of existing runs thoguh, i know how that causes problems. also, any who need help with their keys, feel free to contact me in game. I'm always up for a run. -Blackburn, 70 mage(40/0/21) Shadow of the Nethrezim.
  2. I come to these forums today, in search of a new Kharazan raid... I was running Kharazan along side masishu, and as of yesterday i found that he has joined niveus lepus, and will not be able to continue our wed. night runs. also, as for the others in the raid... nearly all have decided they will not continue. after only a few weeks, we dropped attumen(first trip) and have made it to both moroes and animal areas. I Know my way around the first sections, and i would hope i can find a place in one of the skulcrushers raids... i respecced to 40 arcane 21 frost for the raids purposes. So now, i am left hanging in the breeze. I would be honored to recieve an answer here, whether something is open or not. -Blackburn, 70 mage,40/0/21 Edit: just wanted to clarify, my hunter is gone, the current toon is my main, my mage. ( my hunter, Chooni, that was on the crusher's roster has been transfered to madoran.)
  3. Would like to remind that black has boots, head, and shoulders so far.
  4. Chooni the hunter needs Occulous illusions.
  5. Blackburn ( mage my main) is attuned for the lair. My hunter Chooni however is not. i do not have the cloak sadly.
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