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  1. very tough... I got 25. My favorite was: 15 M on a D M C answer below 15 men on a dead man's chest
  2. Kalglin


    Just a quick note to let everyone know that due to a project deadline at work, I have been and will be MIA for a week or two. Been working about 13-14 hour days. This RL stuff really can get in the way of gaming!!
  3. Well when they are offered... Make sure we do a vote =p Of course the majority of my online friends are Crushers anywho... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> WOW.. this thread got hijacked!! /ducks and runs for cover
  4. I am sure it will go down soon as well, but it is just extremely frustrating. I get home from work after 7 PM EST, I try to log on by 7:30 PM and bam... 300+, 400+ queues. So, I have started doing other things.. like actually talking to my family. GO FIGURE!!!
  5. Just tried to log onto AD for the first time today and I was number 901 in queue? This has to be a new record!! I have been 500 before, but 900? I don't think it is mathematically possible?
  6. It was all sitting in the bank of my alliance main. But I just did not feel like giving it to them. Isokeva helped me transfer 11 stacks the other day.
  7. Kalglin has donated about 25 stacks of runecloth bandages and a few stacks of various metals. I have about 10 stacks of mithril on my alliance alt if someone would help me transfer them over, I will donate them too.
  8. Kalglin


    Aye.. I was over 500.. have about 150 to go and still about 20 min.
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