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  1. Very well. as you wish Icuburn. I will use the tools and rules of the game to balance the playing field.
  2. Not pocket money, hats! it's just a hat!
  3. I see you there a bit early then. Sounds good sir.
  4. 12:00 sharp duder. We will not dis you like last week. Hopefully the babes will still redeem the beads?
  5. Just got the word from the waking Stainless bar time is a go, I repeat bar time is a go. I will be awaiting his arrival here, and then most likely traveling to the pub in his conveyance. I will most likely need transport home sir.
  6. Call or message most definately. make sure things don't go all fubar like last week.
  7. Well Stainless got home and apparantly one of his roomates had the cards out, which is why I did not get a call to go drinking earlier, dirty rat ######s..... But they mentioned a possible 10:30 show up time and I might have to school them in the art of cards.
  8. Dude, bar thing may have changed, the call of the magic cards has been raised. You should definately get my attention before you leave work.
  9. Oh, I forgot to mention ya know the big game??? I just got an email from number 13, offering 2 million gold for ten troops, so like 16 days of clicks. I dunno if I should take him up on the offer or not, But apparantly I am making waves, at least for someone that big to notice me.
  10. gonna be at the Olde Towne bar and Grill. I didn't hear anything from Indi, so I'm guessing she is busy. damnit! Oh, and did you see, I got killed finally in the psycho game. Not bad, I think we took out half the field before they even found one of us.
  11. Well the Kipster was unavailable so I'm sitting at home. Stainless is not yet offa his slave shift but We'll prolly hit a bar.
  12. Trademaster


    YAY! The evil oppressive corporation I used to work for is no longer a part of my life. Now I move on to a new evil appressive corporation on Monday. Damn it feels good to be outta there.
  13. Here ya go Ic, wanna see an attack log from one of us little ones? result enemy losses my losses enemy damage my damage Lost 445 Gold 0 0 252,103 2,338 Attack Defended 0 0 2,602 2,697 Lost 1,201 gold 2 0 259,502 2,419 Lost 777 Gold 3 0 280,805 2,540 lost 731 Gold 1 0 369,558 2,007 Lost 2,708 0 0 2,516 1,658 Lost 761 0 0 5,786 2,008 lost 10,060 0 0 4,363 1,645 The 10,060 loss nice shot btw was when I was turned a bunc of stuff in to buy something a little bigger to try to survive the onslaughts. Very nice shot. The 2,708 I believe was an early early morning hit, and the 1,201 well I was prolly cloing in on 2k there. Now I have sucked it up, taking the beating like a good little red headed step child, and yup, I could go hit others to get my losses back, but those others I could hit, they have been beaten in much that same way. no use hitting someone for their last 200 gold if it doesn't get me to a 2,500 break point now does it. And you surely don't expect me to be able to fend off an attacker that can do hundreds of thousands of points of damage with my forces now do you? So... if I am lucky, I get a couple o hats a day, so in say a month I will have the 80k in goods saved up to get my trooop recruitment up to 4, which will get me to only falling behind every day a little, another month to get the 160,000 to get my troop recruitment up to 5 which will get me up to staying behind an equal ammount to number 3,4,5,6.... and then perhaps another month to reach a point where I would be gaining. This all takes into account that I am actually able to spend what meager coin I get though which in general, just isn't happening. Again, I ask you, when was the last time someone attacked you? and more importantly, was it successful? Oh, and yes, I am using the 1,000 gold a post to replace my losses, so you'll prolly see quite a lot pof posts from me all over.
  14. This will be my last chance to be bored at my present place of employment WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! New job ahoy!
  15. Being a rabid gamer, yes I watch everything, and pay attention to every detail I can. At the moment, due to the great disparity of levels, there really is no way for those of us "little ones" to get close to the big guys. yes, Chris is pulling 11 and the rest of the top eschelon are pulling 5 or 8 if i remember correctly, yet having 10 people gaining 5 while 1 person gains 11, means that the one person will easily outstrip the 10. Unless you know something I do not, beyond getting attacked there is no way to give my gold to an opponent. As Such, Chris can easily take his coin and spend it equally on defense and offense and none of us will be able to reach his pinnacle. Consider, Chris owning 2000 troops at 25 gold per hour.... that equals 50,000 gold per hour. yourself Icuburn, are his nearest competetor, and you have a mere 844 troops (lets round to a nice even 850) so you are making 21,250 an hour. Now Chris's defense by virtue of his numbers of troops, is solid (and the disparity between himself and everyone else is growing day by day). In 10 hours time, Chris can buy either the top of the chart offense or defense. something you, (if you do not get atacked) can do only once a day. So, Chris can augment his offence and his defense with 1 piece of the top of the line item every day, whereas you can augment either your offense or your defense once per day with a top of the line item. And.... that is only if Chris ignores you. No, I'm willing to bet, that if you allowed your coinage to reach into the millions (which is what you would need to work on overcoming Chris's troop advantage) I'd be willing to bet, that Chris would look down upon you, and smite you mightily. You need 2,560,000 to go ahead and up yourself to 9 troops per day yes? (judging from the early progressions). Well I'd be willing to wager that a tasty target like that would not be ignored by the mightiest of all. Although you mention we are gaining 1 person a month, we are also losing people every month. When I joined, there were 20 players, with the two people recently joined, now we have 19. And, I'm willing to bet both Rusty, and Crickrunner will either be leaving soon, or will remain in play meerly as gold farms. Rusty has already expressed his agnst over the inability to move forward in his game, Chrysalia, has already deleted due the huge disparity, others who I didn't even get to notice have already deleted, and considering the disparity of the top eschelon verses others is only growing wider, more people will follow. Chris is the big winner of this game, He has kicked some serious butt. grown bigger thatn anyone else and, no one challanges his superiority. Next year at this time, No one will continue to challenge his authority. yourself Icuburn, are securely in second place. Has anyone even tried to challenge your position? When was the last time you had someone beyond Chris attack you? Are you even a little bit concerned that an attack from anyone but Chis will breach your defenses? Now you mention that Chris is not attacking. I believe the reasoning behing this is twofold. First of all, he doesn't have to, he will continue to pull further and further away from any imagined competition. Secondly, because he is already so far beyond everyone else in the game, him attacking will cost him troops. For Chris, attacking is actually working to defeat his increasing lead. This game is a game of numbers, and about the only thing I really understand is numbers. And at this point, the numbers say one and two are locked in. I'd wager in 6 months there will be a clear number 3 from the group of four that are vying for position. and the disparity between the top player and everyone else will continue to grow. This disparity between number two and the everyone else will continue to grow, and we will see a solid number three, who will also be outstripping the players below him.
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