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Whispering Demons


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**The document below was found stuck to the left tusk of the entryway to Xaos' hut at the base of Volonazra's Tower in Camp Skullcrusher**

My Lord and Master, Xaos, former Warlock of the Dragonmaw Clan, Champion of Clan Skullcrusher, and former Blood Guard to Thrall, Warchief of The Horde has had a change of heart. Over the past few months he has spent more and more time unwraveling the dark powers under his possession. Spending days, even weeks at a time in meditation with Warlocks of the Twisting Nether whose names shall not be mentioned in your world.

Life has just not been the same in his eyes. With no one but myself to confide this in, he has suffered in silence. Day after day the Alliance grows ever stronger while The Horde does nothing. Constant raiding parties on the gates of Orgrimmar as well as the terrible battles fought in Ashenvale, Arathi Highlands, and Alterac. The final straw was the attempted assasination of the mighty Cairne Bloodhoof. The Alliance fools were unaware of his mystical Tauren powers of self resurrection.

His blood boiled with this news. Who would they strike next? The Dark Lady? Her powers are formidable, but that treacherous Dreadlord, Varimathras just might assist the invaders with her untimely demise. Would the Alliance dare to attack the Warchief himself? What would The Horde be without the very leader who brought you into new salvation?

Yet all The Horde seems to do is swat at large flies and attempt to destroy ancient elementals. This is not The Horde my Master remembers. Death to the Alliance and domination of this world. You are at war again with these weak, pink and blue fleshbags. It is time to realize that maybe bloodlust and wanton destruction possibly should not have been given up so easily...

Maybe this is why Warlocks are so reviled by The New Horde, they remind you of a time when The Horde was unmerciful and unstoppable. They still have that link to what Grom Hellscream gave his life to destroy. They pull their power from the very place that had corrupted your entire race. With great power, comes great responsibility. My Master is no exception to this rule. Volonazra warned him many times of the corruption that awaits many of their kind. The demonic embrace may overwhelm and turn a Warlock into an agent of The Burning Legion.

This has not been the case with my Master. He has seen the weak underbelly of The Horde as it is now. He will not sit idley by and watch as the weaker races of this world run rampant through our borders, attacking our leaders on a whim. You will either stand with him, or move out of the way.

I have brought this message to you so that you will all be prepared upon his return. My Master is in a deep communion near the Tainted Scar and it is not known when he shall return. Until then, his disciple, Aelexis, will be handling all of his affairs. Treat her kindly, or face my Masters wrath.


Faithfull Servant and Scribe of Xaos

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"Guilozak.....I request your assistance."

Guilozak awoke in his tent. He had heard his old friends voice in the dark. Something was wrong. Sprinting to Xaos' tent he found the note attached to the tusk. He entered anyway and found his ally sitting, trembling in place. Although Xaos did not mve Guilozak saw his friend slump and fall on his back. Xaos must truly be wrestling with the darkest of the nether.

He knelt. And prayed.

Hours later Xaos seemed to be coming around. Guilozak tended to the powerful warlock and helped him regain his strength.

"Thank you priest. Now I shall help you."

After grueling battle in Silithus the two returned. Guilozak, now in his sixtieth season bowed before the warlock.

"Thank ya mon. Can ya rest now?"

"No priest. I Shall return to the nether and continue. Be ready for my return. Tell the others of our deeds and revell in your strength. The Clan and the Horde shall need your powers soon. Leave me now to my own affairs."

"I shall."

Guilozak slowly retreated from his friends quarters. Xaos was truly an honorable orc, even for a warlock, to have left his studies to help a priest finish his sixtieth lesson.

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Da path uv da righteouz am bezet on all sidez by da iniquitiez uv da selfish agh da tyranny of evil. Honorable iz dem, whu in da name of charity and good will, shepherdz hiz bruddahz agh siztahz troo da valley of darkness, for dem iz truly himz bruddah'z protektur agh da finder uv da lost. Volonazra swear ta strike down upon dem, wid great vengeanz agh furiouz anger, doz dat attempt ta poison agh currupt mah brothers. Latz will gruk Volonazra am da chieftain wen him lay hiz vengeanz upon latz!

Xaoz, it wuld pain me ta hab ta put lat down. Du nub stray frum da path.

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Mih nub gunna stray frum da path lat set befur mih, fren'. Lat fill'd mih wit hunur agh glury. Muh path ib uncurtan nuw dat let be gun. Be it wit da Crusherz ur udders...jus gruk dat lat made dis wurld fer mih......

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