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Colin's comments about Cort Malic's actions

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*In response to reading a news report on the actions the past evening*


If what ye report is true..(Cort Malic ordering the slaughter of gargoyles that disagreed with a declaration)

this may be the beginning of a dangerous period.

Since the birth of the LOCUST from the acts of Lord Dupre', there has been a strong growing alligence between the two races bound in HONOR.

Ver Lor Reg was built long ago by remnants of the LOCUST and while within all great civilizations and societies there always will be dissidents who wait for thier opportunity to exploit a situation to help thier position.

Followers of the defeated Gratagmalem still exist...thier distain for the alligence with Humans have been passed down through shadowy whispers between gargoyles who have felt oppressed or ignored.

Be careful Cort Malic....

what so many men, women and gargoyles of Honor have built for ages cannot be torn down by the act of a few or one...


can be put under threat and strife if actions are done in haste and judgments are made just to satisfy a shallow hunger or impatience.

Enemies of the state (realm alligned) await any chance they can to exploit.

Our treaty between Lord British and Draxinusom, King of the Gargoyles still stands and if the Gargoyles had a legitimate claim to try a criminal captured in thier kingdom....it should have been conducted within thier courts. Agreement though being made to transfer him to Yew....the decision to slay disagreeing gargoyle citizens....hmmm that decision will be in question for many days I fear.

We shall see how this plays out.

-Colin Mor

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