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In a few short years The Honor Empire will hit its 20th Year anniversary.   20 years....amazing run.   While the team has adventured from game to game picking up new friends and family we have constantly maintained a home base forum for its members to chat and interact.   Some games were hits and keep going while others went bust and burned out.   The guild forums still holds those memories and places of our adventures and conflicts.   Yeah we have had our battles ingame and personality clashes over the years for sure...but in the end we still stand proudly to say we are THE HONOR EMPIRE...a community and family of gamers who just want to enjoy the time in the game industry together doing whatever our big kid minds think of.

All along this journey there have been attempts by myself to bring extra fun to the members of THE....in game and out of game with contests and challenges.  This still is a priority for me to achieve for you my friends and online family.  Technology moves faster than any of us can keep up so it is a challenge to be able to master something that we can put into the website due to various issues.   One issue always is participation....the hardest challenge. Nowdays the ease of FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTANT MESSENGERS and PHONE APPS to communicate with each other....it challenges us greatly to keep the website active and a destination that it once was daily or constant for many of us on our computer task bars as an open program.

Balandar has the FACEBOOK Group (The Honor Empire Gaming Collective) linked to our Twitter feed and our TEAMSPEAK Server showing people utilizing its rooms for their gaming or communication needs.   ( Teamspeak3 server = thehonorempire.org   password = honor)  

If your in a new game we do not have listed in TS or here on the forums....lets talk and look to give you a spot here.   We built this for you our gamer family to flow with your gaming changes and as the industry changed too.

We are currently looking to revamp the graphics and layout of the website, as this has been constant for many years.  Wolf, Damien Wicke, did much of it and now is very busy in the 3D graphics world today as a bigtime player.  https://www.youtube.com/user/WolfzoneTV  Today is his BIRTHDAY also by the way....Happy Birthday Damien!!!!

He is planning on returning to gaming with many of us in SHROUD OF THE AVATAR which moves back to CONTENT with great visual graphics game engine that most games have spent less n less on content and more and more on visual or expansion of landscape...but with no community options.

One of the areas that will be a growing segment of THE website will be areas that members can help members in the real world via work, commerce or referral programs.   Many of us have jobs that we actually can help each other in terms of simple work.   Insurance, Travel Agents, Lawyers, Dentists, Doctors, Chiropractors....etc   While some may not live in same city....some may be able to help from afar directly or via referral help of who they should seek.


Borg has IDLife Nutritional program for anyone seeking help losing weight and/or getting in shape.  http://gethealthier.idlifeoffice.com/

I am down 45 pounds after 4 Months on my IDNutrition portion of options IDLife can provide......check it out....design YOUR INDIVIDUAL Life going forward.

We have an AMAZON program for anyone who shops on AMAZON  


Balandar has a referral link for anyone who wants to buy P90x video series.  http://www.fitcornernetwork.com/products/p90x2-power-90x2-extreme-training-system

Sindee has a referral link for anyone who wants Razor Club monthly.  (NEED THIS FROM SINDEE)

Maube has her Omnomnom Jams business which has THE HONOR EMPIRE GUARDIAN GRAPE as a flavor.    http://omnomnomjams.com/store/

The website has a growing list of commission opportunities for any purchases at Amazon, EBWorld, Gamestop, WAL-MART, TigerDirect, Sideshow Collectibles, Microsoft Store.....I am working on this currently as well as a SQUARE store to sell our TShirts and game collectibles that are no longer available to purchase in retail stores or directly from game engines.

LOOT CRATE =  http://looted.by/cpoB6

I am seeking someone who is experienced in Beer Crafting and if someone does this and they have a means for referral benefits....contact Borg asap.

One of the largest additions though will be a TWITCH Channel/Feed of The Honor Empire which will have myself and various special guests as the plan exploring our existing game worlds, new games in the future and stand alone games for example like Total War Attila or future Star Wars Battleground etc.

I hope this can help bring in new gamer friends that have the same demeanor and interests as well as gain more notoriety for the website to gain more membership benefits in terms of Alpha/Beta keys and/or special meetings with development teams....fun stuff including free give away products from vendors.  The opportunity that we could get followed enough and then gain viewer subscriptions is a goal so that we can then in turn invest that back into the site for more benefits of its membership.

I am planning on hosting this and at least 1 time a week having a special time show that is not for the faint of heart or easily offended...no way PC Correct and Adult content commentary....called GRUMPY OLD GAMER GUYS where eventually one of us will "spout off" at something that irritates us in gaming or real world life.. we are getting pretty old.    Martok has a version of this he was doing in a blog called Dear Diary......Drunk again.

I hope you are all doing well in your real lives and if at a tough time...may our brotherhood and support of each other help you through this tough time.

I understand greatly as I, at this moment still am seeking employment after being downsized and now finished recovery of medical issues....


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