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EQ - Time-Locked Progression Server to Open, May 20th.


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Another attempt to revisit the Nostalgia that was original EQ.

EverQuest Previews: Travel Back In Time with the Progression Server By Derek McEnroe on May 14, 2015


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That's pretty cool. I have some fond memories of EQ... a lot more of UO. Not sure if it's possible to relive those experiences due to so many moving on. Only a few of us remain from those long ago days.

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/Agree. Add in the fact that due to changes necessary to technology, they won't be reverting to the mechanical version of stepping back in time. And some SW changes make it necessary to keep some things in game that were not in original.

Yet these servers remain popular if only to some. I had a discussion about this a few weeks ago in Archeage It was the time of working through all those in game functions and abilities that all MMO's now take for granted and laugh at the poor quality that was Original EQ. Kind of like having people who grew up on recent space-based films and then show them Star Wars for the first time. I have had people laugh about how poor quality it was and try to rip it apart. Never mind that it set the bar so much higher for others to follow that todays technology outshines it. That movie changed everything we now take for granted.

Yet its appeal remains. Falling deaths into the center of Blackburrow in Q-Hills and having to do naked corpse runs down there to get your corpse.... ahhhh nostalgia. <chuckles fondly....>.

I am giving it serious consideration although my play time will be small.

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