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And it's Sky's time to move

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I'd mentioned in another thread that I'd probably be moving Sky to Niveus Lepus, the guild with whom I raided in MoP and am raiding with in WoD. It's time I finally made that switch.

It's just not an easy thing for me to do. I've never been a guild hopper. Boven and the others'll still be Skullcrushers, but I still feel a bit guilty in a way moving one character elsewhere.

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Don't be a stranger Sky, you WoW Addict!! heheh. You should check out SotA as well. That's the next engine T.H.E. is building a base in. :smokewink:

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I just noticed that today! If you are raiding with them why not =) The crushers guild chat is wicked quiet as of late, I feel by myself most of the time so I joined a few OOC channels.

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