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Soon to be 5 Tiers deep, surface being Tier 1.

There will be at least 1 new biome per cave level. These have not been specified at this time.

Resources will be by Tier of these levels. Treasure chests and plants found within these tiers. There will be NPCS, Monsters and ruins per tier underground.

Terminology used – “Evergreen Content” – Impression I got was that content with remain and will respawn and restore to a default. This may or may not be accurate as they did not give specific definition and clear example of the use of this term.

Caves WILL Shuffle every so often, changing the paths down and through and perhaps even content.

Character Abilities. Currently planning to have primary ability tied to Mouse 1, secondary ability to Mouse 2. (Left and Right mouse buttons)

Character (Newbie) has only 2 abilities. Sometime later they open 2 more abilities. Rinse repeat.

There is not going to be a whole lot of spells. But as you gain access to other class abilities you can choose what abilities you are using.

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When will we get the whole continent rather than islands?

This was not mentioned. They will retain islands while we continue playtesting (as I call it). However, they DID show a map of the intended starting Norrath. Picture Qeynos to FRreeport, add a N-S Crack running the entire length of the continent running mostly through commonlands and desertts of Ro, with an "Impact" icon immediately to the west of Freeport. Now add in the fact one dev slipped and said there would not be any Freeport (and then quickly added "as you know it") before he went on.

Of course time may change that.

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