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Axes, Picks and Crafting Stations - Materials list

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This weekend I counted how much of each material is needed to be able to craft the Picks, Axes and Stations per person, assuming each person will want/need them to craft up to Tier 7. Of course, sharing the workstations will shorten the list but at least the 'big list' will need the following, assuming recipes do not change and that no new items are added in to make the progression different:

QTY Ore Ingot Copper 65 6,500 Elemental Copper 35 Ingot Tin 23 2,300 Elemental Tin 65 Ingot Iron 55 5,500 Elemental Iron 15 Ingot Silver 10 1,000 Elemental Silver 20 Ingot Tungsten 280 28,000 Elemental Tungsten 160 Ingot Gold 60 6,000 Elemental Gold 70 Ingot Cobalt 220 22,000 Elemental Cobalt 220 Ingot Rubicite 50 5,000 Elemental Rubicite 40 Heartwood 210 Plain Wood 120 Tourmaline 45 Aquamarine 45 Topaz 70 Amethyst 70 Emerald 100 Sapphire 100 Ruby 120

The far right column (Ore) is the count of how much ore will be needed. Included in that list are Marbe and Amaranthine Forges; Copper, Tungsten and Cobalt Reinforced Saw Tables; Bronze and Viridium Grappling hooks; Building tools (Selection, Paint, Smooth & Line); Tin Trimmed Work Table (Make Worked Marble). I noticed I did not get the Gold Trimmed Work Bench necessary to complete making the Amaranthine Forge, which is needed to make Tier 4+ picks, Axes and Stations.

The materials for the GTWB are 30 Elemental Gold, 40 Tingston Ingots,, and 60 Burled Wood Planks (Unconfirmed, may use Heartwood).

I will be able to play Wednesday - SUnday and will try to pursue making the stations and picks to progress, but I assume the environment will make some of that harder. Kind of antsy to get into game and see whats new.

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