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Plans for my underground

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My intent over the next weeks, besides trying to test whatever they give us, is the following with the idea of a 'Dwarven' type city:

Claims, side view, looking West

CLAIM 1 - - - CLAIM 2





The front area I have now will be dismantled and a more open area created, with some greenery and likely trees, with a central, braod opening like the white-pillared cave entrance I linked prior to Alpha. This will take up about 1/4-1/3 of upper Claim #1. One exit point in the North wall into Claim #2. One "hidden/secret" doorway down into lower CLaim #1.


Central Gathering Chamber - Mid level section, connects to lower 1/4 Claim #1

Kitchen - Off CGC, connected to lower Claim #1

Storage Room (Ice House – Connected - lower claim #1)

Water Reservoir (Upper Claim #2, off to side - West or East (or both) - Rectangular, N-S length)

Planetarum - Upper center of Claim #2


Claim # 3 and Lower #1

<Concept> - Central shaft section, from bottom to top up into Claim #1, with walking path down into depths. Always a chance to fall all the way down into lava.

<Concept> - Central shaft/Path down - Irregular, with time where it actually goes back into the earth via tunnel but comes back out into main shaft at some point. Not a perfect cylinder but more like a twisted spiral. All 'inner' wa;s will be raw stone, irregular in shape, not smooth worked stone. Lamps along path.

Lava Flow (Heat) Bottom

Crypt - Just Above Lava, probably North side

Treasure Chamber - Yup, a place with Treasure chests and stacks of metals, bins of gems

Central Path Up/Down - See Concept - Cental Shaft above

Places for Lanterns - In the midst of rough stone of central shaft, small worked stone 'cubes' for placing haning lanterns

Storage Room (Ice House) Near lower Claim #1, connected to Claim #2. With Ice now in game, a location for cold food storage

Chambers (Living Quarters) - Varietal, but intended that all furniture not be Prop-based but created from stone. - Sample idea, Bed #1. measure how much space the rectangular 'pillow" takes up, create a stone bed with a depression in it shaped to make room for the pillow to fit. Attached to floow/wall.

Crystal/Mineral rooms - Can be a bedroom or just a chamber with rock formations to show off a particular gemm/mineral type. Sample - an Amethyst Geode room.

Rooms (Storage Closets) - Places for barrels, shelves, etc

The reason I am posting this is that while making this will be my on-going project, I welcome others who may want to take up the concept and contribute. I recognize that until permissions get into game that cannot happen but I am opening the door to those who may want to contribute.

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Damn you! You are wetting my thirst to make a dwarven complex now. We'll need to get those permissions setup. With the central shaft, I just pictured crisscrossing walkways 2 claims high above lava.

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I already put a diagonal bridge across the lava (line tool) leading to the Crypt area (roughed out). Also prepped a small "treasure room", and created the first passage through the rock which exits up to almost at the shaft point and prepping a walk around and up before another chamber is made. There is one 'worked stone' chamber at the exit point. The intent is to make all of Claim 3 and at least half of Claim 1 this central shaft/residential.

You can see what is there but follow this rough path to it.

Go into my claim and north to back wall, turn left and to west wall, turn left and drop down a couple of drops until you make the first fall to bottom of Claim #1. If you go forward you drop to very bottom of 3 and find the basement with the props for lava in the ceiling. so to SW corner for steps up to 'lava' level and head inwards to center and the footbrige. At SAME place, you can go up and into the treasure room on the south wall, and also up and into the passage up towards exiting father above the lava more on the northern side of the lava chamber.

I figured how to make a 'ramp'-like path up. make steps but not one on top of the other. make a 1 voxel tall by 6-12 wide step, and go about 3-8 voxels farther on before making another single step. Mix it up and them come back and SMOOTH the steps once. Voila! a gently sloping path upwards. The path is meant to be irregular yet 'following' the central core up and down, weaving into the rock in the form of passages and back out into the central core.

I am using Tundra Dirt as the dark stone coloring the lower walls.

I have also experimented with layering rock types. Make one layer (horizontal layout) for bottom layer, 1 voxel of space in between and maybe 2-4 deep, then put another different layer above it. Using the Smooth tool (spher is best), keep smooting until the top and bottom layer 'pinch' each other, then continue smooting until the avctually form a complete wall with no space. The process melds the 2 layers nicely.

Tonight i will continue to reshape the central core area and YES(!) I do intend for a footbridge (Thing LoTR, Mines of Moria, the Balrog scene) somewhere in the middle/center. Also experimenting with the tools to make this easier.

<edit> - Oh yes - getting out....

Either use the emergency exit feature on the ESC key or use grappling hook back the way you dropped down - OR - up the central shaft as it presently is to top of claim 3 at an Ice Bridge, then to west side to grapple up to claim 2 where you first dropped down.

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Well today I got my 1/4 Dome template in Granite.

It only costs 98k stone ( or dirt) to place....and I need 4 of them... guess what I get to do?

oh yeah, I had hoped to paint it Marble. <rollseyes>

well, I don't play this game to have a life.

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Yeah, I'm trying to keep everything in stone myself until we get to open beta. That's when I'll start working on collecting the mats I'll need to finish off the place.

I need to play with mega voxels. I didn't know about them until last weeks live stream. I want to make some inlay patterns, but haven't had the time to test them yet. I'm still working on just the structure itself and trying to figure out what I want to do.

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I can post from work! - My complete Interior Dome. Nice thng is the patterning that is created after smoothing.

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The 1/4 wedge was 98k stone por.

I painted using sphere set at the 1700 units per size. Once I made 1 paint, I kept trying to paint to cover the most area of the done so as to "conserve" on the cost of it. Total Marble was about 100k, and yes I used station cash 2x to make sure I had total surface coverage.

I figure I needed to do that so that I knew how much it would cost. Plus, Once in Open Beta, I get the 2 chests of Marble back anyways.

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