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Craftable Listing

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Bronze Pick

o 15x Plain Wood Plank

o 45x Tourmaline

o 1x Copper Pick

o 15x Elemental tin

o 5x Burled Wood Plank

o 8x Tin Ingot

Copper Pick

o 10x Elemental Copper

o 1000x Plain Wood Log

o 10x Copper Ingot

Iron Pick

o 3x Burled Wood Plank

o 45x Aquamarine

o 15x Elemental Iron

o 30x Plain Wood Plank

o 15x Iron Ingot

Silversteel Pick

o 20x Plain Wood Plank

o 60x Topaz

o 20x Elemental Silver

o 7x Burled Wood Plank

o 10x Silver Ingot

o 1x Iron Pick


Copper Axe

o 10x Elemental Copper

o 1000x Plain Wood Log

o 10x Copper Ingot



o 10x Elemental Silver

o 5x Copper Ingot

o 10x Sand

o 100x Topaz

Grappling Hook:

Bronze Grappling Hook

o 20x Elemental Tin

o 10x Tin Ingot

o 20x Copper Ingot


Copper Ingot

o 100x Copper Ore

Tin Ingot

o 100x Tin Ore

Iron Ingot

o 100x Iron Ore

Silver Ingot

o 100x Silver Ore

Tungsten Ingot

o 100x Tungsten Ore



o 1000xStone

o 50x Essence of Earth

o 10x Burled Wood Plank

o 20x Elemental Iron

o 60x Iron Ingot

Crafting Station:

Marble Forge

o 40xElemental Tungsten

o 40x Tungsten Ingot

o 60x Iron Ingot

o 40x Worked Marble

Copper Reinforced Saw Table

o 5x Elemental Copper

o 5x Tin Ingot

o 10x Copper Ingot

o 2000x Plain Wood Log

Stone Forge

o 10x Elemental Copper

o 15x Copper Ingot

o 2000x Stone

Roughwork Sifter (Made from bronzed wood saw)

10 Tin bars

50 Jute

100 Plain Wood Planks

Tin Trimmed Work Bench (Made from Bronzed Wood saw)

20 Elemental Tin

35 Tin Bars

15 Bronze Bars

50 Plain Wood Planks

Amaranthine Forge-

Cobalt Pick:

5 burled planks

90 sapphire

30 elemental cobalt

60 plain planks

30 cobalt ingots

Indigo Pick:

40 plain planks

120 ruby

40 elemental rubicite

14 burled planks

20 rubicite ingots

cobalt pick

Alabaster Forge:

120 elemental mithril

120 mithril

140 cobalt ingots

100 worked alabaster

Cobalt reinforced saw table:

80 elemental cobalt

30 rubicite ingot

80 cobalt ingot

50 burled planks


200 coal

2 cobalt ingot

Tungsten Reinforced Saw-

Gold Trimmed Workbench:

30 elemental gold

30 gold ingots

40 tungsten ingots

30 burled planks

Tradesman Sifter:

10 tungsten ingots

50 cotton

100 burled planks

Gold Trimmed Workbench -

Worked Obsidian

Worked Amaranthine

Ring of Brawn:

10 topaz

100 amethyst

10 stone

Breeze Band:

10 elemental silver

10 silver ingots

100 amethyst

Tremor Amulet:

10 elemental tungsten

100 amethyst

5 tungsten ingots

Messengers Signet (upgraded scouts signet):

10 cotton

20 elemental tungsten

200 emerald

20 tungsten ingots

Assessor's Mark (upgraded ring of discovery):

20 elemental silver

5 silver ingots

200 emeralds

20 tungsten

Band of the Quarry:

10 elemental tungsten

100 emerald

10 tungsten

Building Tool:

Selection Tool

o 30x Elemental Iron

o 10x Topaz

o 30x Iron Ingot

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