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Clan Rostah blah


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"Gud Aftahnun der Crushas.....

It been a long time fur anylatz be skirbulzin on de skypage und da Chief just as guilty as any latz. Morgh has been fightin a great cause in da RW which has ended and now Morgh moving onto a new RW life dat he wurkin to be da Boss of und not wurkin fur any other Leadur. Morgh sent word to Priest n Scribe Colin to get back tu work on tings that da Clan like in da skypage as well as ottah fixins. Colin did find out that the skypage mastah and Chief I Grulg has GREAT NEWS for da clan.

He und his wife are expecting a new Crusher in days!!! No worries for da Clan dat his wife wunt no bizness of any Uncle Ugggie doing any babysittin or nutin with da new Crushling. Congrats to dem both.

Eben wit dat blah...Colin be startin wurks back on da skypage und one of da first tings he skribbulzed wus a new updated Rostah listing of da Clan Crushers (mains) and der families (all chars in guild) und put it into a pikchur fur easy looks at da powah, size und what the Clan has grown to become as THE greatest Clan in all Azeroth und World (of warcraft).

Many tanks fur..."; Morgh stops mid sentence.

Colin interrupts; "Thanks....many Thanks". he whispers to Chieftain Morgh.

"Dat wut I said....hmmphfff..

Many TANKS fur da Crushas efforts (does raspberry at Colin quickly) und advendchas in da new lands of Pandaria, Island of Giants und Tunder Island!!"

finished Morgh as he pokes Colin in shoulder as they move away from da front table und back to the Clan enjoying the afternoon summer sun at their base in Arathi Highlands.



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A bit of a translation....I was given a severance package and lost my job with Staples (DM finally won his personality clash n battle with me) when they reorganized all stores and did not have to use any performance rankings or reports. I am looking to own a franchise in Ithaca as well as continuing on the side to try to get THE Pizza programs going to bring commissions to THE and its members to benefit from. (If anyone knows someone in an advertising agency or company send contact to me) I am a pretty open book and if you have any leads out there drop me a line.

On the gaming front....we all seem to be enjoying the summer so far which is great and gaming is low key as the industry itself seems to be restructuring itself with some games going free (with store purchasing as revenue gains) and others not doing as well as expected. Still...UO, WOW, GW2 and KotOR still have players enjoying their game time.

It is interesting how in WoW guild the DRUID Grip on Mains is over now with Paladins leading.....Druids n Hunters bumped down by 3 rising classes of Mains.....Pally, Mage and Warriors rising to the top 3.

Taurens still hold the top population in Mains and Overall but Blood Elves really have come up as an overall group...interesting stuff.

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