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Ulsleg son of Rograll - by Ulsleg


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2007-11-22 23:23:37

Ulsleg son of Rograll was born in the arid climate of Durotar. As young orc Ulsleg long to be honored as an Orgrimmar Grunt as his father was. On a mission given from Warcheif Thrall, Rograll and his battalion were to raid the Allaince strong hold in the barrens, Northwatch Hold. Rograll addressed his mate Volgarka and his curiously enegetic son Ulsleg about his mission . Ulsleg begged to be in battle with his father but Rograll bellowed a roaring laugh, patted Ulslegs head, and calmly explained to his son the reasons no. Ulsleg was furious and swore to himself he would be by his fathers side in battle.

On a hot early morning Rograll slipped out of the hut unnoticed, or so he thought. Ulsleg was behind him all the way. Being as small an orc young could be, Ulsleg was able to track behind his father better than his fathers own shadow. All the way to Northwatch Ulsleg followed Rograll and his clan. At the gates of the hold battle ensued as Allaince men in full plate armor on mounted on horses spilled out of the hold. Rogralls & his clan of over runned orcs fought bravely to the death. Ulsleg could not believe what he witnessed this horrid day. Ulsleg remained in the bushes fo the cliffs while Alliance men hurled to battered orc bodies over the cliffs into the Great Sea. Under the cover of darkness Ulsleg navigated his way through the labyrinth of rocks only to discover that the tide that brought the orcs to Kalimdor had taken his father Rograll back.

It was on these cliffs that Ulsleg son of Rograll swore to the ancestors that he would have his revenge on the Alliance or die in battle slaying many.

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