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Found 21 results

  1. 2007-11-22 23:23:37 Ulsleg son of Rograll was born in the arid climate of Durotar. As young orc Ulsleg long to be honored as an Orgrimmar Grunt as his father was. On a mission given from Warcheif Thrall, Rograll and his battalion were to raid the Allaince strong hold in the barrens, Northwatch Hold. Rograll addressed his mate Volgarka and his curiously enegetic son Ulsleg about his mission . Ulsleg begged to be in battle with his father but Rograll bellowed a roaring laugh, patted Ulslegs head, and calmly explained to his son the reasons no. Ulsleg was furious and swore to himself he would be
  2. 2007-01-27 10:10:07 Within the plains of Mulgore lay many scattered but united tribes of the ancient Tauren. One such tribe known as the Proudhoof was known for its skilled hunters and warriors. Laying on the outskirts of Mulgore within a days travel of the Barrens the Proudhoof tribe was the most distant from Thunderbluff. The sun was riseing above the distant mountains as it begin its accent to the heavens. The long grass of the plains begin to glisten from the mornings dew. The dark shade of night was passing as the newborn sun claimed the skys once again. Two Large totems marking
  3. 2006-06-19 16:09:29 The horse gently nudged her prone form with his muzzle, but she did not wake. Until the muzzle grazed her shoulder, then her eyes shot open with a strangled gasp of pain. When the flair of agony subsided from mind blinding to merely excruciating, she slowly sat up on the cobbles of the street. Biting her lip, she reached up and snapped off the arrows shaft, knowing she didn't have time to work the missile out of her flesh. She didn't even dare try to touch the one in her abdomen. She had no idea what it had hit, and did not want to risk causing more damage with removing it
  4. 2006-06-19 16:06:19 She sat alone at the bar of the tavern, staring down at the warm bowl of porridge in her hands and carefully spooning it into her mouth. Her cloak was wrapped tightly around her, a vain effort to fight the chill, the coldness she felt even as fever ran through her blood. She had hoped the fresh hot breakfast would have warmed her, but somehow it made her feel even colder. Wonder if the tavern owner lied 'bout it being from the newest shipment in, and instead used some reserve that had gone bad. Wouldn't put it past him. Occasionally a wracking cough would shake her bo
  5. 2006-03-06 23:02:05 During his life, Kalrash was a Cleric and member of the Scarlet Crusade. He found out that the leader was actually an Undead Liche, and told his brothers in arms about it. The Crusade accused him of slanderous lies and broke his jaw with a mace so that he would never speak such poisons again. They decided to carve out his deceiving eyes as well. Left wandering the Plaguelands, Kalrash eventually died of starvation. It wasn't long before he was born again by the Banshee Queen Sylvannis.
  6. 2005-03-03 09:13:21 (Inside a tavern in Orgrimar the new Captain and some grunts gather to celebrate Volonazra's coronation.) Ug der bruddas. First round am un me. Letz git a spot near da fire, am cold out tonight. (Volonazra rubs his head then changes the bandages on many wounds) Wat? How me git dis hurt bad? Me blah latz, when da wench git bak wit da grog. (the wench retuns with the grog and hurrys about her work) Uki, listen me blah da stury. Az da Skullcrushaz entered da arena, drumz beat out da litany uv battle. Me git ta da areana agh gruk dat der will be tuff fightin waitin for me. B
  7. 2005-03-03 08:22:55 Volonazra'z stury startz when Volonazra wuz burne un da nuw moon (a bad sign dem blah). Mama be stress'd by da war wit da scurge an hab baby earlee. So me start libe az weak un little. Dada wuz away clompin Oomies, suw Mama did bes she culd ta mak me tuff. Az me gruw, me lurn da be smurta den udda Urks cuz me nub big ur strong. When me cum ub age, me try ta be tuff Clomp'r. Me nub gud at dat, suw me try lurnin da old ways lik da Warboss Thrall. Me find out da spirits nub lik me an da elements resist me will. Me find dusty paper scribblez un day, an me read it. Dat day me
  8. 2004-12-28 11:20:48 At the age of two Omarimba got his first action figure, the famous warboss of the Skull crusher orc clan and his dreaded axe. This Grulg action figure was no ordinary one, it came with a human that had its intestines spilled out. But that’s not all Grulg also had buttons and he could say many abnoxious comments about all the alliance races a few for example. “Clomp time”, “Das be gud ting clomp”, “Nu mo oomies lef zo clomp”. By the time he was four Omarimba had learned how to wield many deadly weapons and to their fullest potential, although he wasent a good kid some
  9. 2004-11-20 11:29:43 As a young troll living in the Den, Meifftor found his true meaning of his life; to help the orcs in their cause. He came to this realization of this when one day a badly wounded orc came staggering back to the Den. Everyone arose as the unknown orc collasped on the ground. All of the orcs just sat there and watched one of their own bleed to death. Soon they began cheer knowing that their companion was dieing of wounds from battle. Knowing that a live orc is better then a dead orc, Meifftor began to chant. Soon all the orcs wounds had disappred. One orc noticed this and to
  10. 2004-08-28 17:08:01 By strange circumstance, Rhoach ended up living most of his life in a human city. This necessitated staying out of sight for most of his life, leading to a larcenous lifestyle. When he was young, he had the delusion that he was a human, and it took him a long time to accept the fact that he was, in fact, a troll. His given human name is Ulrich, but he never uses it, as it brings back bad memories. He ended up working with the thieves' guild of the aforementioned city, the only organization in the city that would accept a troll into their ranks. Eventually, he got tired of
  11. 2004-08-28 17:07:27 Part 1 Stranglethorn Vale 10 years Before Present Rhoach peered out of the thick foliage into the clearing. The 11-year old troll had developed keen survival instincts during his childhood. One of these instincts was staying hidden, and that instinct dictated that open, bright spaces were to be avoided as a rule. This ingrained behavior had served him well during his flight from the human city of Stormwind. A thieves’ guild was not an organization to be left lightly in the best of times. With a master like Kzar the Knife, desertion meant certain death for the deserter u
  12. 2004-07-08 23:14:00 The battle had reached a fevered pitch, the sound of bloodthirsty orc warcries and ululating elf chants filling the air, the clash of weapons and the screams of the dying completing the symphony of carnage on the battlefield. Rhoach ignored it all as he continued his climb to the top of the watchtower. Scarcely seven feet from the top, Rhoach heard a sort of whistling sound subtly reaching his ears over the regular sounds of battle. "What's that...?" Rhoach wondered aloud, pausing in his climb to look around. Suddenly, something smashed into the top of the watch tower, bri
  13. 2004-05-23 03:14:13 Rhoach was dreaming. In his dream, his human foster father had grown to immense proportions, and was in the process of trying to crush Rhoach with his ironshod boots. There was a sound, as well, in the distance. It sounded like horns... horns... HORNS! Rhoach sat up swiftly in his humble open air cot on the fringes of the skullcrusher encampment, reflexively drawing and brandishing double scimitars that had been laid at his sides during his slumber. By the gods, battle? Rhoach thought fervently to himself. And I haven't even had my afternoon piss. A low ranking orc, a pe
  14. 2004-03-26 18:28:23 Darkness crept over the mountain hills of Gre’goth pass. The impending storm blocked all attempts by the sun to shed light over the blighted land. Thunder boomed in the distance, foreshadowing the downpour of rain to come. Uglutz pulled his man-skin cloak tighter in a vain attempt to keep the cold wind out of his bones. Tired and hungry, he picked a spot to set up camp beneath a large glade of everwood trees. Hours later, a small campfire provided warmth as Uglutz ate the few rabbits he could find raw. The glade of everwood provided little shelter from the rain, as the fa
  15. 2007-03-11 06:28:26 Piper rolled over onto her back, staring up at the shadows on the wooden ceiling of her bedroom. Something had been bothering her since earlier that evening, so the luxury of sleep had not yet found her. She sighed, shifting to her right and sitting up in one fluid motion, resting her hands in her lap. She looked down at the green sandals on the floor in front of her and slid them onto each clawed foot in turn. The rat-girl stood with some effort, yawning sleepily before gazing out her window for a moment, watching the reflections of moonlight dance on the water outside. S
  16. 2006-02-20 22:28:46 Mare jade Sky was born in a small house South of the city of the Cove. Jade Mother die at her bith an being that she was a girl her father did not want her. So he left her wrap in a blank on the front door of a young widow mother of two, but little did Jade father know that the young women was a High Elf Mage(Pearl) who as cast out because she loved an marrid a Humman warlord of the tribe of the moon. As Mare grow in to a young she was trand in to the craft of a mage an lernd it very well, but one day as she was play with one of the widow childer Kat. When a necro mage
  17. 2006-01-04 12:24:02 Gabriel was born in a tower east of Skara Brae with his mother and father. Gabriel's parents were great bards. From birth he was raised around music until the age of 17. His parents were sailing on their way into Skara Brae. They were stopped and murdered by pirates. Gabriel never knew what had become of his parents for they never returned home nor did their boat. Gabriel became lonely in the empty tower and set forth into the woods. He began to make friends of animals and woodland life. He would play music for them and learn to protect himself. Gabriel group up in the woo
  18. 2006-12-14 20:38:44 Daughter to unknown parents but found many years later to be an Azturanian child.Charlie was born in Skara Brae,alone through her childhood years and learning to fend for herself.One day while in Skara she found an absolutely beautiful sword,a katana,and she began to watch the traveling warriors ,practicing to become like them.She went out to travel the world slaying the monsters that plagued the innocents of Sosaria.She became a master of swords always carrying her katana by her side. Many phases of the moon pass and years go by she had married Kendarick and had a child
  19. 2004-01-13 15:30:39 Kodoz awoke with a start from his slumber. Something was terribly wrong. As he looked around he realized perhaps his journey had come to an end. He had waited at the Teleportation Dais for three days, muttering words of power and cursing the seemingly useless dais. But after he fell asleep on it, he awoke in a different place. He looked down at where he was, and saw a teleportation Dais, but it was obviously the one the first was linked with. With newfound determination, he stalked forward. As he walked further into the ancient castle, he neared a room from which he hear
  20. 2004-01-12 14:39:12 The cold of the night began creeping its way through my bones and joints as I continued to climb the mountainside. I stopped my ascend for a brief moment to catch my breath. I had begun the long climb up the mountain in the early morning hours, and now, it was well into the night. It took nearly every ounce of magic within myself to sustain my agility for the treacherous climb. Yet, even my magic did not seem to keep the need for sleep from my body. As I reached the summit, I collapsed in exhaustion. I remained on my back for several minutes, staring into the moon and que
  21. This is a very old story from when I played UO and joined the Shadowclan Orcs, probably 98 or 99. It's the basis for Grulg in all of his incarnations throughout the gaming world. It was playing that orc character that led to the Skullcrusher Orc Clan [Or(] in UO (a sub-guild of PGoH for roleplaying) and was a big part of why Skullcrusher Orc Clan came into being in WoW, now known as Clan Skullcrusher. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this small part of history. It took some searching for me to find it! -------------------------------------------------- The Story of Grulg'dush (by Grul
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