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Tale Of a Devout Troll - by omarimba


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2004-12-28 11:20:48

At the age of two Omarimba got his first action figure, the famous warboss of the Skull crusher orc clan and his dreaded axe. This Grulg action figure was no ordinary one, it came with a human that had its intestines spilled out. But that’s not all Grulg also had buttons and he could say many abnoxious comments about all the alliance races a few for example. “Clomp time”, “Das be gud ting clomp”, “Nu mo oomies lef zo clomp”.

By the time he was four Omarimba had learned how to wield many deadly weapons and to their fullest potential, although he wasent a good kid some say his sneaking abilities and stealthy arts will come in use one day. AND THEY WERE RIGHT.

At the age of 9 he received his first goldent tipped spear from his tribe. Although gold is not loathed much by the trolls it was a great symbole of honor. “killing an elbz on a hunt”. Although he was at a young age he snuck with the group to hunt : ) (what a little devil).

By the time he was 17 he had done many countless raids aginst the elf’s. Although his new profession is looked down apon by many it is his life! The life of a rogue “a watcher from the shadows”. Another year passed and Omarimba did the most daring thing anyone as a rouge could do. Although he did it to impress his friends his task was to sneak into Jaina Proudmore’s bedroom and spend the night. To all his friends surprise he made it in there and dident come out till the morning. (What a little rascle). With this impossible dead in his resumay the Skull Crushers finally accepted him, and he is now a body guard for the warchief grulg, willing to give his life for anything for the clan.

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