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A Thief by Necessity (brief bio) - by Rhoach


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2004-08-28 17:08:01

By strange circumstance, Rhoach ended up living most of his life in a human city. This necessitated staying out of sight for most of his life, leading to a larcenous lifestyle. When he was young, he had the delusion that he was a human, and it took him a long time to accept the fact that he was, in fact, a troll. His given human name is Ulrich, but he never uses it, as it brings back bad memories. He ended up working with the thieves' guild of the aforementioned city, the only organization in the city that would accept a troll into their ranks. Eventually, he got tired of the discrimination against his heritage, even in the thieves' guild, and decided to seek out more of his own kind. He left the guild against his master's wishes, and was on the run from him for a great long time. He went on a search for answers, and came to the conclusion that everything was just a big, incomprehensibe mishmash. Eventually, he ran into a member of the Skullcrusher Orc clan, and the rest is history. Now, he does whatever he thinks he'll get the most kicks out of. Sometimes he flips a coin to determine whether he'll risk his life in certain situations.

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