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Build 8926 Bugs


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  • Clicking the world map to zoom into a zone is still not functioning.
  • The "Fall of Humanity" racial has apparently not been implemented at this time and is not showing up in humans' spell books. A new racial is already slated to replace it, as well as alter Shadowmeld for night elves.
  • Many PvP and tier items (especially death knight items) have no graphics or icons at all.
  • Some companion pets (and possibly mounts) are remain in inventory after learning them.
  • Tier gear from the 25-man "heroic" raids shows that it's from the 10-man versions of those raids. Final itemisation is probably not finished on these, as they also don't have new artwork yet.


  • There is a visible pit around the well near the bank closest to the Horde area of town.
  • Many items around the city, such as stoves and such, are not usable at this time.
  • Items on the Emblems of Heroism/Valor vendors are not properly itemised or level-restricted (some show 1-80 as a level requirement). The lack of a level restriction is intended, as they are scaling items that are account-bound.


  • Many of the UI elements on the Achievements pane are still not aligned properly when expanded.


  • Serpentshrine Cavern:
    • The waterfall is still not dissipating, so entry to SSC is impossible.

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