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Build 8905 Bugs


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  • Server stability is awful, as it usually is freshly after a new build.
  • Mounting in major cities has some quirks and may be bugged in some cities/areas of the cities.
  • Keybindings are being reset on logout/disconnections.
  • Some graphics settings are not getting saved either and reset upon logout/disconnections.
  • Many realm-first achievements are still in place but still note a title reward. I got the "Realm First! Grand Master Angler" Feat of Strength achievement this morning...
  • Clicking on the world map to zoom into a zone still does not work. Right-clicking to zoom out does, however.


  • The city itself has been tagged as flyable, but you cannot call a flying mount in most areas within the city. This is likely the first step towards the final plan of not allowing flying within the city, but only allowing take-offs/landings from Krasus' Landing.
  • Mounting in the Sewers has been disabled (again).
  • The Restricted Flight Area debuff obtained in Dalaran or Wintergrasp doesn't seem to go away properly after leaving Dalaran (and triggers some wacky sound effects). Death removes it.


  • General:
    • Many crafted items are still not itemised.


    • Fishing pools are not always showing the swimming fish in their graphics and now sometimes "pulse", making them very difficult to see.
    • The fishing achievement "Northrend Angler" cannot be completed, due to the "Moonglow Cuttlefish School" not being in game yet (per Tigole)


    • Cobalt bars require one ore per bar, but the description still says they require two.


    • Milling Outlands herbs does not yield any pigment at all.


    • Tinkerings that are applied to items do not work currently.


    • "Recipe: Succulent Orca Stew" still teaches Big Bear Steak


  • Crystalsong Forest:
    • The flightmaster in the Sunreaver camp is still inactive.


  • Mage:
    • Newer ranks of Conjure Food and Conjure Water have been removed...not like they worked before anyway. Misread the new spells. Newer ranks have been replaced by Conjure Refreshment.

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