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Build 8885 Info


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  • Several new achievements have been added and others have been tweaked. Previously earned achievement progress has been wiped (not a bug).
  • Northrend gems have icons of their own and no longer share those with older gems.
  • Baby Shark (companion pet) has a tooltip indicating that "he really requires water", but is still able to be summoned on land.
  • Hairstyles now have real names instead of their identification labels.
  • All of the companion pets that required reagents (snowballs, notably) are now learnable! *happy dances*


  • Dalaran finally has a working anvil! Several in fact.
  • An "Enchanted Anvil" is also present in Dalaran and functions as a forge as well.
  • Archivist Betha has been added (a tribute to the notably helpful Betha on Lich King, no doubt). She is currently inactive, but her title is "City Historian".
  • Awilo Lon'gomba has sauntered into the kitchen in the Horde-area inn and now has cooking recipes to teach for the interested.
  • A Halls of Lightning teleporting NPC has been added near the Violet Citadel.


  • Inscription:
    • Glyphs and other goodies have been added to the Inscription trainers! Inscriptionists (is that a word?) should run, not walk, to their trainer!
    • Milling has a new icon that's much more appropriate for the ability.
    • Tooltips have been added to each pomace type to indicate what herbs to mill to yield the pomace (SWEET!).


    • Grand Master cooking recipes have been added to the trainers. Yay, finally something to do with all of this fish...
    • Cooking dailies have been added to Awilo Lon'gomba in Dalaran. They reward Dalaran Cooking Awards that can be used to purchase recipes from the Arille Azuregaze, the Bartender in The Legerdemain Lounge (inn in the common area of Dalaran).

    [*]First Aid:

    • Frostweave bandages now require two cloth per bandage to craft.
    • Heavy Frostweave bandages now require four cloth per bandage to craft.
    • Heavy Frostweave bandages now give skill beyond their previous skill expiry.
    • Manual: Dense Frostweave Bandage is now a useless item.


    • The Toughness buff now gives a flat increase of 500 health instead of a stamina value.


    • Several of the craftable level 80 rings and necklaces have gotten stats finally. *pokes Holyssa to make some stuff*


  • Borean Tundra:
    • Areas previously not tagged as flyable have been fixed (yay, no more me-shaped craters!).

    [*]Howling Fjord:

    • Areas previously not tagged as flyable have been fixed.
    • A few environmental effects have been added to some areas, including mist and spotlights.

    [*]Grizzly Hills:

    • Areas previously not tagged as flyable have been fixed.

    [*]Crystalsong Forest:

    • The ruins below Dalaran have suddenly been constructed (can you construct ruins?) and a protective shield added.
    • Discoverying areas of Crystalsong Forest rewards experience and sub-zones have been tagged/named.

    [*]Storm Peaks:

    • Storm Peaks remains closed for the time being.


    • A new flightpoint and small quest hub has been added: Dubra'Jin. Quests given are for the Gundrak instance.


    • Icons for objectives that can be captured or destroyed have been added to the overhead map.
    • An icon indicating overall control of Wintergrasp has been added to the continent map.
    • Icons for graveyards have been added to the overhead map.


  • Gundrak:
    • Gundrak, in Zul'Drak, has been opened for player testing.

    [*]Halls of Lightning:

    • Since Storm Peaks remains closed, a teleporter to the Halls of Lightning has been added in Dalaran.


    • Anh'kahet, in Dragonblight, has been opened for player testing. The instance has been closed due to major problems.


  • Death Knight:
    • Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade is now correctly in the mount pane, but the item persists in my inventory (almost got it right this time).
    • Death Knights have gotten new voices and no longer share them with their "parent race".
    • New spell: Dark Command (Blood), which is effectively equal to Taunt and on a 10sec cooldown with no rune or runic power cost.
    • New spell: Horn of Winter (Frost), which increases total strength and agility of party/raid members within 30yds by 155 (top rankp). Lasts 2mins, costs 20 runic power, and appears spammable given runic power requirements.
    • Path of Frost no longer affects other players (thankfully).
    • The "Deathcharger" mount is now labeled as "Archerus Deathcharger"


    • Improved Scorch now increases critical strike chance against a target rather than providing a fire vulnerability. (duplicated by Winter's Chill in Frost).


    • Judgments have been fixed and are working again.

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