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Quick convo with a full Brutal unit


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Just ran into Bradaek in Scryer Bank.....noticed him in full set Brutal Gear.....

5x5 rating 1761 and personal 1742.....Keyl's Team 66-43 w/l <==only +23

Asked a pair of questions....

1) do they have a set night they Arena or different nights.

A) whenever we can...not a set night.

(tend to get weaker teams randomly)

2) what is the one thing that has helped you be most successfull

A) Strategy built over time and strong leader calling out targets

(taken 3 seasons with basic same members to get this far)

They are in the thick of getting the top slots for rewards and "have it this time".

I wished him well and thanked him for the conversation.

"keep at it...keep at it"

I said we are fighting to figure out the strategy with all the combinations. ;)

He agreed that that is not easy and it takes time till it becomes routine......

use proximo and when you see abcde you and your team will know vwxyz. ;)

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Bradaek is super nice and always very helpful. I did have an idea that I should probably share...

Now this is for our "We eat puppies" 5v5 team:

What do we think about a set 5 that goes in first and does their matches and then another set 5 that goes in after and does theirs? A big problem for us I think is rotating people in and out of the group through the evening.

Like the people who are usually on and ready to go earliest go first, for example:





Doom (or Aleis)

and the people who are usually available during the later half of the night go next like:




Aleis (or Doom)

+ one more

That way if you know who your group is you can pre-plan your strategy and start to really get a feel for how your team works together much like a solid raiding group, you function as one solid unit.

One thing that I felt made my previous raiding guild so successful was that we had a SOLID core 40 raiders (yes pre-tbc). We thought, reacted, & attacked as one single unit. I knew my "team" inside and out, I knew what to expect from every other player in any given situation. I think that might be important in an arena situation as well. However, I know none of us really have the time to spend on practice matches or just "hanging out" together in BG's or 5-mans.

I also think that confirming your attendance on arena night should be something we should discuss so we are able to plan and adapt our strategy BEFORE we start throwing ourselves into matches.

Side note: Is Vrugz still interested in playing with us?

Also, Jasena & Kieranna, I am interested to know more about your availability to play with us as well as your focus (pve / pvp / both / whatever is fun at the time / WotLK), I love having you guys around and knowing what your goals are would really help planing our groups/strategy.

Lastly, I would love to hear from the 5v5 team that Baracko is in and see what their group makeup / strategy is like.

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I would think the key is to know yer team and class makeup of said team. I think the switching out does affect us;how we deal with it is another thing. I am also a big fan of 2v2 and 3v3:) *wink wink* Happy Birthday!

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BUT... you have to be online for that

hhehehe- I been on every night at about 10 pmish!! But, Lithola threw the gauntlet down; I shall be on tonight fer a full night of pvp!!!(Unless my wife yells at me, then I will run like the cur I am!!!) :)

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