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CS Raid signups and You


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In recent days, some issues, thoughts, and opinions have come to our attention. With those in mind, the elders feel it necessary to state the policy regarding clan signups.

Raid Signups Policy

1. Raid signups on our linked page from the website are for use by Clan Skullcrusher Raid Leaders only. Raid leaders outside our Clan must recieve permission from the leadership before using our signups. If you wish to use the page to gather a group, please get with one of the elders for access to those priviledges.

2. Raid signups are provided as a resource for our members to help gather the necessary groups to achieve raid goals. This website is not required nor expected. It is maintained through the kind-hearted donation of time by our IT-talented members, and only by such. If you have problems/questions/concerns about the function of the page, please direct it to the elders and be patient in your expectations for change. (Remember! We all have lives, and despite the time we all spend in Azeroth, RL > WoW ;p )

3. Signing up for a raid on our site does not guarantee your inclusion in that raid. Approval of raid members is left to the discretion of the raid leader, and elders will not EVER force a raid leader to take someone (as if we had that power! ;p). We have said many times that WE ARE NOT A RAIDING GUILD. Many of our members choose to spend their time raiding, pvp'ing, or instancing, in addition to roleplaying our lore, and protecting our family.

4. Depending on the circumstances, 'Crushers may not always be given priority in raids listed on said page. Raiding has become a specialized and often unforgiving activity, the success of which is determined primarily by the skill/commitment of those involved and the classes that are available. It is almost impossible to accommodate everyone. Members are always free to raid with whomever they chose, and are encouraged to seek outside opportunities should one not be available internally.

** NOTE ** We have stopped using the raid signup page for the time being, as groups must be more specific. You can find a list of raids currently going on stickied at the top of the wartent page for more information.

The Bottom Line: Be prepared to do the work if you want to be a regular in a raid. Those who try to join weeks/months into a raid have much less chance of being approved or included, and its up to the raid leader as to who is replaced, 'Crusher or not. Also, be prepared for a raid. Oftentimes, a character must have achieved a certain level of gear, skill, etc. Dont sign up for a raid that you know you are not prepared for, expecting to come just because you are a guild member.

This policy is a living document, and is subject to change.

As always, if you have a question or concern, please contact an Elder, Longtooth or Warmonger.

- Baracko

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