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Oi, listen up ya lazy gits! Deres a WAAAGH comin.

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Wez takin da fight ta annuda wurld. Only da bestest and da meanest clompers should even fink 'bout comin along. Deres no time for sissy cave squatin snotlins. We takin only da 'ardest Skullcrushinest lads 'round.

Skribul ya mark ova 'ERE. An we'll mak sure ya git right ta da front lines.

WOOGAH! :sorry:

Preview weekend was a blast. I centainly would like to have toons on both Order and Destro. Yet i have to say the most fun was the Greenskin newb area. First thing said to me was: "Oi, wot you lookin at git face" Laughs from the get go. 15mins later, I was clompin stunties in my first scenario (aka battle ground). It might be the newness of it, but, seems to me that they have tried to make the game anti grind also which is refreshing.

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*sharpens his choppa and grins*

Count me in.

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