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  • Guild Prelude

    The state of the Empire was fractured and spread across multiple universes; none held more powerful of a grip than Reality.   Reality had brought great success to many members with marriages, births of new warriors, adventurers, sorcerers and even taurens and orclings!  This was the greatest realm of all; and prosperous were the Purple Guardians of Honor, Vigilance, Imperial Trade Consortium, Valhalla Vanguard and Clan Skullcrusher. These gains were real and powerful at consuming the future ambitions of the great citizens of The Honor Empire.

    At this same time the other universes themselves where collapsing, consolidating and some being eaten whole by black holes. (end of support of game) Now stand very few healthy universes and those few have a mere fraction of their population remaining persistent.  This is the time we find our story….this new story being written…and once more by the GODS (Devs) that created the online gaming phenomenon…they have returned and now seek our aid in this new journey to write this new story and build this new world and universe together!!!

    First to answer the call were the spirits of the ancient adventurers; they heard the call across the ether and assembled together with the GODS and their combined energy and focus drew in matter and mass from surrounding universes.  Like a new star being formed this energy and mass eventually burst forth and a new stable world appeared amongst the place in time and space that was growing into a working system within a new universe itself.  In what seemed like ages only a few years passed and now months fly by as if days and nights were just mere hours.  One by one, ancient guardians of Honor have found notice upon their real world doorsteps, pigeon nests, greetings and even in person invitations.   Trumpets and Horns bellow across the universes and echo in the land of Reality seeking to rally again the forces of HONOR….old and new.   In this rally and assembly though sadness is found as some pigeons return with messages unanswered while even worse skeletal ravens bring word of Guardians passages to the ultimate world beyond sight and sound without time itself.

    Colin Mor, T.H.E. registrar and historical legend stands in the shadow of two horsemen and at his feet is a great obsidian chest adorn with Honor Virtue symbols and runic messages from across the many universes.  Gold latches that locked down with purple crystalline chain adorn with icons of a Serpents and Magic combine in a gold chalice seal of wax.   The horses stir a bit as a vortex appears a short distance from the party.

    “The first Guardian is arriving.”; mentions Colin Mor.
    “Yes…indeed…finally we have much work to do.”; impatiently remarks the one hooded horseman.

    As the other figure just looks over to his commenting partner he smirks with a small shake of his hooded head.
    “It is Lord Borg….Emperor Borg as you know him or Seer Neptune from work in Catskills Sosaria m’Lords”; Colin Mor informs the two horsemen.

    Borg steadies himself and finds himself on a road and soon recognizes his old mentor Colin Mor and begins to approach him.  Noticing the two on horseback and the chest at Colin’s feet Borg stops short and begins to introduce himself.

    “Greetings my old friend and…..”; Borg says but is cut off mid-sentence.

    “YES yes yes….greetings and well met indeed now then we have much work to begin” ;exclaims the impatient horseman.

    “In your own Virtues British…let him get his feet under him.  We all know the mountain of work ahead but some small moment of pause and culture perhaps?”; said the other horsemen while chuckling.
    “I am Lord Darkstarr…..Emperor Borg….love it…great name….resistance is futile aye?”; remarks the chuckling figure as he removes his hood and welcomes Borg to the realm.

    “Egads, out cultured by you Darkstarr…what will the Oracle say of this (heheh)”; laughs the other figure as he presents himself.
    “Lord British, my old friend….tis been many a moon since we met in Sosaria.”; adds the horseman.

    “Ah Indeed….my Lords….tis a great day indeed to see you again.  Yes it has been a while m’Lord since Sosaria.”; answered Borg with a dutiful smile.

    “If I recall; you became one a Hero of the Land by capturing a Cabalist…the only one to refuse payment but instead asked for duty and the privilege to be Trinsic’s defending Garrison force…defenders of the City of HONOR…Trinsic.  Aye?”; comments Lord British

    “Yes…amongst other accomplishments by our fellow Guardians of Honor…Olympus Castle still stands today overlooking Trinsic just across Honor Bay.”; replies Borg.

    “Your other presence there was father to lets say more interesting issues….Ore Elementals, Wicked Trees, Savages and The Scale Lizzardmen forces?”; asks Lord Darkstarr
    “Oh and for the record…the Cabalist was not such a bad person.”; chuckling Lord Darkstarr adds.

    “Indeed those were some of my dark dreams that manifested themselves in Sosaria…Savages had a whole area of cannibalism that never was discovered though.  I was though greatly proud that the Guardians of Honor provided the realm the sport of JOUSTING, rules, registry, records and papers of nobility.”; nodding in agreement Borg adds while smiling at Lord Darkstarr

    Cannabalism….ooo now that is a dark secret wouldn’t you say Darkstarr?;  asks a perked up Lord British.

    Gah…even I find that disgusting….JOUSTING….though WE MUST HAVE THAT!!!; barks Lord Darkstarr.

    **COUGH COUGH**  Colin Mor excuses himself for interrupting.

    “Yes yes….indeed.  My Lord Borg…welcome to Novia.  Colin Mor will lead you to HONOR HOLD, your home location here and within this chest are some tools and rewards for your service to the realm and our endeavors of establishing a new world.  We must cut this world out of the chaos and darkness that surrounds everything…everywhere and at all times.”; states Lord British as he points toward the great chest before Lord Borg and Colin Mor.

    “Make great use of these tools and items as we will call upon you and others often as we together forge this journey and as you have said weave the fabric of the tapestry of time here.”; adds Lord Darkstarr.

    Lord Darkstarr motions and within moments a great vortex appears behind the horsemen and they bid farewell to Lord Borg and Colin Mor.

    “Get my Jousting Arena built Borg…coconut jousting hehehe must have this.”; remarks Lord Darkstarr as he departs.

    “Understood m’Lords…..and its Borg Stonewall here I will be so known.”; replies Borg Stonewall.

    “As you wish my old friend.”; Lord British remarks and salutes the two Guardians and enters the vortex as it collapses.

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