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    "HONOR HOLD has been established upon the continent of Novia, south of Brittany and standing strong to keep the ever challenging dark forces of the Necropolis from reaching the capital city and its southern fertile lands. HONOR HOLD is also the realms arena for the sport of Nobility, Knights and Kings…. JOUSTING!!!  Here are the Lords Lysts, where Champions of Lord British and Lord Darkstarr compete against each other amongst the realms great Knights and Nobility (Founders). It is here also where aspiring souls seeking to establish themselves and gain Papers of Nobility (Knighthood) by winning a tournament with HONOR thru the official monthly Jousting events.

    HONOR HOLD hopefully will grow and expand to become a “Crossroads” to provide even more housing lots and growth outside the walls of HONOR HOLD… just as a growing area would do; bringing more “life like” feel to the area.  The historical record shows The Honor Empire was created long ago by great Blacksmiths, Miners and Craftsmen that supplied the forces of HONOR HOLD. Many mysterious items have been discovered within its mines and incredible recipes as well…rumors persist that a vast town exists beneath the mountains Honor Hold is cut from. The strong connection to Earth and Fire magic fuels these rumors along with strong rumbling within the ground itself that can be felt by travelers nearby.  Passed off as just tremors from the lava flows to the west; one can never be too sure the more stories you hear within the walls of HONOR HOLD. " - @Borg

    Player Owned Towns (aka POTS) Facts

    • POTs can be purchased through the Shroud of the Avatar add-on store. Current minimum price for a Hold Fast is $900. @Borg purchased a Hold Fast for The Honor Empire (for $750)  before the price increased. Honor Hold has overland access as well, no additional towns purchased will have overland map access for Episode 1 (Unknown for Episode 2,3,4). POT purchases will expire around or just after Final Wipe in July.
    • POTs can be dynamic or static. Dynamic allow flexible placement of lots and decorations at will by the owner at any time. Static cannot place or move any object, but have greater freedom in creativity and design, which is provided by the SoTA Dev Team. Static towns are unique and different from any dynamic town. We are attempting to obtain the following for our town as a STATIC town (see images below):
      • NOTE: If you place after the final wipe (July 28th) in Honor Hold, be aware that as it's dynamic currently, all lots will be wiped when we move to a static town later in 2016 (date to be determined by DEVs).
    • Lots and Houses can be purchased in game or on the add-on store. Some lots are only placable in POTs. Other lots can be placed in any NPC town (LIMITED QUANTITY both in-game and on the add-on store). You must have a lot to place a house. All row lots default to a 2-story row home and cannot be an empty lot (however, in NPC towns you will get the existing row house on the lot). Current daily gold costs: 100 (row) / 200 (village) / 400 (town) / 800 (city). Some high-level pledge tiers have tax-free lots. NEW: With the pledge expirations occurring soon after final wipe new add-on bundles are being added to the store. Currently there are row-tax-free-POT-lot bundles. Soon village and city will be added (village expected for R32).

    Honor Hold

    • Please note that the following images are in development/planning stages and have not been approved by SoTA. These images and states may change depending on the amount of time and effort is available from the SoTA Dev Team.
    • We are looking for players to fill in positions for several key points of interest in Honor Hold (see images below).
    • Note: Barracks may change to @Schneider and @Balandar's tower may become the Honor Hold Sorcery Academy.
    • Guild Hall and Sorcery Academy will be located in the Town lots to the left.
    • Barracks will be located at the town lot on the right.
    • Quick Link to this page: http://empir.org/honor-hold
    • Honor Hold on Sota Wiki link.


    Honor Hold Central - [Size: Hold Fast]

    Town Lots: 3/3 - Filled (Borg, Bal, Schneider)
    Village Lots:  4/(10/11) - (Wolf, Rumblebore, Naladinya, Pavillion)
    Lots: 4/16 - (Opi Moe (aka Alium Aster), Doddz, Martok, Coldren, ?, ?, ?)



    Honor Hold Location - [NW of Brightbone pass, S of Kiln - S of Brittany]
    At the crossroads.

    SoTA Map Link



    Honor Hold - [Size: Village - Upgrade possible before Final Wipe in July]
    City lot would be used as a central event hub. Guild will need to save/invest in a city lot.
    (updated 5/8/2016)




    Honor Hold Donations (updated on 4/28/2016)




    Jousting Statues




    The Royal Box and Lysts




    Tavern - Player Run (RP) - Position available



    Additional Buildings - Player Run (RP) - All Positions Available




    Guild Hall - Player Run by @Borg



    Garrison or Sorcery Academy, Generic Farming Village Lot, Pavilion for crafting stations
    Player Run by @Balandar



    Future (underground biome below Honor Hold) - Rumbletown


    Honor Hold Expansion (old reference image)

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