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  1. Hey there. Wow, This threads is starting to bring back fond memories to me. I played UO something around 1999-2001 give or take a few months. I think I stopped just before they started implementing some new graphics that made things like weapons all glowy (oohhh aahhh , Anways, I started playing before they came out with care Bear servers, you know, when you actually had to watch your ass. I admit, I did some stupid stuff to get killed. Well you know, people always look for ways to take advantage especially against naive people like me, so when I'm walking to the bank with hundreds of regs on me and I see a bright red bag just laying there on the ground, I just gotta pick it up and look at it ! What's this, another bag/box inside ? Lets open that too. BOOM ! Safe to say I lost all my regs as I seethed in anger at this real funny guy unstealthing to grab my hundreds of regs I spent hours collecting ( I almost quit the game I was so mad. There were things that happened that made me mad, such as when our guild house was assaulted by like 30 players for hours, but for the most part, it was a fun social game. I played with my coworkers and my brother. In fact, my brother, the computer techie, has his and my computer on a network so we could both play in our respective rooms at the same time and just shout a little to speak to each other. That;s how I hit GM healing on my first guy too, I used a character ( I called him "Dead Again" haha) I created on his account, killed him, and then proceeded to res him with bandies again and again with my guy (OMG it took forever once I got going). Every other skill I'm proud to be able to say I worked up normally, but bandaging ? Come on, that crap would've took forever the normal way ! Ok I know I kinda dissed PvE servers a little, I admit I liked the carebear server when it first came out, mainly because so MANY people were just out killing stuff (No PK's here! haha), but then when some jackass pissed you off, you couldn't do anything to him. And people still took advantage of the game mechanics to get you in combat to kill and loot you. I spent some time on the PvE server mainly to do something I always wanted to do - make a GM Mage/Provoker - and dammit, I did it It was soooo fun (especially with no PK's to worry about), I would go to the hardest dungeons by myself and kill Balrogs and such. I actually killed dragons on a regular basis ( I had never killed a dragon previously). So yeah, thank you for making PvE servers, at least it gives me a choice to not deal with asshats when I want. K, I know I'm going on here, so many memories coming back to me now. I'll always love UO, it was my 1st experience with an MMORPG. It happened around things like Y2K (I woke up that morning and asked my guild leader/co-worker on ICQ why there was a big missile outside my window. ) Thanks for listening, maybe I'll check the game out again, I dunno, I'm gonna give GW2 a shot now.
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