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  1. Same for Cantina Regulars. How do we pronounce that? 1.) Shine? 2.) Cheyenne? 3.) Charlie Sheen?
  2. If you were accepted into either Cantina Regulars or Vigilance before the guild site portion of SWTOR went down, you will get an email. If not, you'll need to keep an eye on these forums for where we ended up! Lets all hope we get lucky and get early access on the 13th or 14th. Yeah, I've been in the CR's since October. So that's good to hear. And heck yeah, hope to see you all online soon!
  3. Any clue if these emails will be going to all guildmembers or just guild leaders?
  4. Thats ok. We won't hold it against you! Feel free to post on any forums here, we are sister guilds after all. (in fact most of us will have characters in both guilds). Cool deal. Thanks. Yeah, I figured as much, and I'll most likely be making some characters for Vigiliance as well.
  5. Hey all. Here's a helpful link for all the crew skills. It boils down what each one does, how it works, etc. It also provides a flow-chart to show which skills go best with each other. And there is some information on skill-exclusive items (Bind on Pick-up for the crafter). And there are links for each skill to all the known schematics for that skill. This might be a little premature, but I hope you all find it helpful: http://sithwarrior.com/forums/Thread-Crew-Skills-Compendium
  6. This is a link to a general guide on crafting skills: http://sithwarrior.com/forums/Thread-Crew-Skills-Compendium It's not much more information than what robinj posted above, but it's all on one page. It also gives some information on skill-specific schematics (essentially Bind on Pick-up) and provides links to all known schematics for each of the skills. Hope it helps. (By the way, I'm in Cantina Regulars, but there's not a lot of activity over in that forum yet.)
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