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    I've spent a great deal of time in the land of UO. I am married to a wonderfull woman who sort of enjoys UO so she understands my addiction :*)<br>
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  1. Amy: No thanks needed... it was a pleasure meeting all of the great people Ray(Tasslehoff) speaks so highly of! Tass: You mean complains about Amy: Thwap (something new learned from Kaatya) Tass: ~Thinks of introducing Kaatya to his new sword~ N-E-Ways, cant wait to pack up our butaytas and meet everyone again soon in some other 'exotic' location! -Thwaps again for good measure. -Amy & Tass-why am I always last?
  2. With our leaders permision I would like to have a small quest Tomorrow between 430 and 630 pm E time. If anyone can attend please let me know. Also I will need the followign information. What the skills of each person attending is. (this is so I can make plans according to our strenght) Pics will be taken so we can maybe update the boards with resent stories. This is a rescue mission I beleive that there is a bounty for the rescue. I understand that it will be hard to decide what and who you want to take but I need to know because this will not be an easy task. If I we are unable to help I will reschedule to Saturday. But I have something else planned for that day. Once again if its ok with our leaders. I hope to see some posts on who will be there. I am unable to acces my Pigeon sender here were I am at so if you are able to tell other Guild members and the new applicants we had join, it would be grealy appreciated. I hope to see some of you there. I understand some of you will not be there but dont worry Saturday will be bigger and better. Strenght and Honor Squire Tasslehoff
  3. Thank you Orion, HEHE I didnt know I wasn't supposed to answer it like that. It feels so nice to have passed but I could not have done it without the two great tutors that helped me study. Thank you both Ladies. RayRay *goes skipping away* Im a squire Im a squire
  4. Hail and good morning to all. I am Squire Tasslehoff God that sounds good. I was just droping a line to let you all know that I will be changing my sign in name to Tasslehoff. That is who I will be signing in as. I will change my name here in a few muinutes so till then grab some coffe. Oh yeah some of you grab a nice cold MD. RayRay
  5. LOL uhmmmm I would get shot. Or beat up, I am getting a new set of Dress Blues the ones for Staff NCO's they look nice. Maybe Ill post a picture. WOOT WOOOT RayRay
  6. LOL hey now I have taste too and yes MD does count that is our back up plan for when its too hot. Man they are keeping me here too long I just found out I am loosing my GySgt (E-7) to go to a Victor Unit meaning he is agoing to a unit to go to the war. He was there in the last desert storm so hes all smiles. I guess he knows something I dont. I am in the Infanry in case you all wonder. The guys that go room to room street to stree thats me. Well Im going to go bug some one about letting me get out of here. I have ten maps ready to go in case anyone wants to join me. This wont happen till about 5:00 PM so get ready cause here we come. RayRay
  7. ohhh nice we just finished 4 pots of coffe between 5 of us. The wonder Marines are always motivated lol its the caffene I tell ya. Man we are wired maybe because its friday. Woot wooot some brought Banana nut bread this morning. That didnt last longer then 5 minutes hehehehe. That reminds me its lunch time baby. and after lunch siesta time RayRay
  8. Well I now look at this sight everyday and there are a few people that I see so I figured Id start by sayign GOOODD MMOORRNNIIGGGGG. I will be going on a hunt at 4 or maybe 5 today. T Hunt that is. So if anyone wants to come and join me then or just say hi you are welcome to join. But for now lets see how many people we can get to say Good Morning to all and tell us their favorite coffe brand. Mine is Hazelnut with sugar and cream. With a banana nut miffin. Hell yeah RayRay
  9. My pleasure I usually go hunt everyday so when ever some one sees me just ask if you want to go hunt. BUT I usually hunt 4 things in case you want to know 1 Balrons 2 Bloods 3 Ancient Wyrms/Shadow/Norm Drags 4 Terathans in Fel. So if you are ever interested in this or if you give me a ring wanting to raise skills Im game. I am always happy to help others. Oh and I forgot I try to do atleast one chest a day. I didnt know you all liked doing these wich is good cause company is always welcome on these hunts. If anyone sees my icq on send message I wont be bothered. And as far as loot goes I have been hunting for some time for a gorget or a helmet. So the rest is yours. RayRay OOOHHH RRRAAA!!! Marines Motivational YEll!!!
  10. I keep thinking of those words *I didn't have a choice* let me elaborate a little. Tass got home and decided to get his brother in law (Grandmater) *GM for short* to go on a small T hunt. I figured about 5 to 10 maps would be pretty nice. First one to get a hold of me was Akroma and was itching at the hilt ready to slay what ever came out. Well I figured that I had the runes marked for the hunt and I this would be a short and easy thing to get done. Well we all know Murphys Law and she is no stranger to me so she visited and kind of scrambled a few of my rune books with locations. While we looked for the first one I had Charlie and Steel show up. Steel had his great WW aka LRC suit hehe. We now had two fierce warriors a tamer and a bard. Perfect, not to much we couldn’t handle WE managed to find the first one and the hunt began. After a few maps a few deaths did occur but we recovered with no problem. What impressed me the most happened a short wile later after Charlie had to depart from our company. (Thank you for your shield and sword Charlie) There was only three of us left and lets not forget that huge WW. I know that GM was there but since I can only use one puter at a time hehe he is invised most of the time. The minute GM dug up the map two daemons and two Lich Lords were upon us. As soon as Tass provoked the two Daemons one or two of the Lich Lords took me down and then steel. I got resed and his WW had finished one of the Lich Lords and the other was standing toe to toe with Akroma. She was not budging from his sight I was standing near and low on health and she was hacking and slashing at that Lich Lord with all her might. As soon as I got near her I peaced it and she finished it off when it lay dead at her feet I told her good job she looked at me and said "I didn't have a choice" That made me think for a second, why she say that. I have slayed many a liches in my time and I can tell you a Lich Lord against a warrior is not an easy task. Did she have a silver weapon NO was she mad that it attacked her and she had to slay it NO she stood her ground knowing that she could and probably would die but why did she say I didn’t have a choice In my mind she did have a choice she could have ran, walked the other way hid or something. She stood against a foe that in my eyes was greater then her. I looked and she did it for us, she knew that if that Lich Lord would have walked unchallenged I newly resed stood no chance. Knowing that she would have more then likely fall in this fight she stood her ground thinking to her self I have no choice I have to protect my comrades. I am not a squire yet but I have been around the land of Britania for a long time. This is why I joined PGoH for this reason alone. I told her she did well and she simply dismissed it as if that was nothing. When all was said and done she was given first pick of the loot she only requested a ring +12 Magery Defense chance + and some other mods that have since escaped my mind. Steel said his reward was the hunt and as for me I kept a LRC bracelet of 18. We all took over 10k in gold. Over all it was a great time. Next time I will have the runes to the Maps we will be digging to make it a bit more fun. I just wanted to say Akroma I will be honored to fight along your side anytime, thank you for showing me what PGoH guild members are about. Just trying to give credit were credits due. RayRay OOOHHH RRRAAA!!! Marines Motivational YEll!!!
  11. Great I will see you there. You are a bard also correct? *reads codex* RayRay OOOHHH RRRAAA!!! Marines Motivational Yell!!!
  12. I will be doing around 10 level 5 Treasure Maps. If you are interested please let me know here. Or icq works too. If you are wondering what comes out of each dig, well only the best badies come out. Blood ellies Poison Ellies Deamons Lich Lords Elder Gaysers Ogre Lords I think that about does it, but the loot is more then acceptable. You can expect from a +40 damage weapons, LRC items and armor with high resist. If you are looking for shields with defence chance and hit chance well then they are here too. Jewelry with great mods. If anyone wants to come let me know we will split the loot at the end. All of these maps are in Tramuel. I will have Tass the bard there and on my other puter I will have Grandmater (gm T hunter) yes thats his name lol *leave it to the wife to name her charactors* So if you are interested let me know. Look forward to hunting with some of you. I will send an ICQ when I get home. I will start at around 4:30 E time. But if you cant show till later icq me I will send gate to Guild House RayRay OOOHHH RRRAAA!!! Marines Motivational Yell!!!
  13. Hmm this is my first well second post but not sure what happend to the last one lol. Some one give ma shout Im at work bored out of my mind. Maybe Ill go find some one to yell at. RayRay
  14. This is my first post so not sure how this works out yet. I am on the web everyday at work but unable to acces icq or anything else. Just good enought to say hi to all of PGoH. RayRay
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