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  1. To the Court of the Guardians of Honor: These are the words of Asheton Tumadeus the Praetorian Perfect to the Emperor and humble servant of Justice. Greetings and well met. For those of you who do not know my duties let me make it very simple, I'm here to uphold the Codex and the Emperor no matter what may come. I serve the state when extreme measures are needed, and I sit on the council at the right hand of the Emperor. As Praetorian Perfect this is who I am. As I have recently surveyed the Legions and followers of our Emperor Thom I have noticed much good in the people; within Olympus you can find people and often, things, from every facet of life. Whether it be the citizen who feeds our multitudes with fresh bread and cold ale. The lowliest of Legionnaires who strives to excel in both skill and honor to earn himself both name and title. Or our fearsome leaders who have learned the Codex by heart and strive to uphold its truths in their daily living, for the betterment of the Empire. But alas not all is well and healthy in the Empire. New foes it seems are cropping up every day, whether it be this murderous king Casca, the undead abominations whom seek to destroy every facet of every life, or the lawlessness of the wicked who walk our very streets. The time is coming brothers when we will have to stand as a single Holy body against our adversaries. But alas an Empire divided against itself can not stand! It is time the individualistic thinking be cut out from our minds like the cancer it is. It is not the individual who will be victorious but the Empire as a whole. So it is time we learn to stand as one! In this body we all have a function and we all have a role, but at no point does the heel tell the knee what to do. Nor does the arm command the head, to think such is foolishness. So a new appreciation for those above us in rank or standing is in order. Consider this you first warning against an unruly tongue, for no one controls the tongue of our Empire but the Emperor who speaks for us all. Thus an order goes out, to the ranks respect all above you, to those being talked down to by a member under you in rank enforce upon them the importance of what is to follow. First choice of action is to give the individual a verbal warning with guard duty of Trinsic. Second choice is to give a flogging and set them to community service. If these two measures do not suffice contact my self or a Praetorian. Mind you if this insolence reaches my ears you will receive all the above and a formal warning. If it comes to me again or I see it with my own eyes a second formal warning will be issued with all of the above and a night in jail. If it reaches me a third time you will be put on trial, with the appropriate action taken against you. Further offenses will result in jail time until a proper punishment can be devised. The other thing I will be watching for with a stern eye is uniform, we are Guardians and it we should proudly display such! If you are ashamed of what we are I will kindly show you the door. The disciplinary actions will follow the same order as what I previously stated. May the Empire prosper and may we yearn to serve our Emperor always, and uphold the truths the Codex has given us. - Asheton Tumadeus **Seal of the Praetorian Perfect** - Thom **Seal of the Emperor** _ Piper **Seal of the Empress*
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