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Herald's Report

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The Council of HONOR meeting, rescheduled from June 9,

was called to order at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time on June 13.

Council members in attendance were Emperor Logan,

Senator of War Steel DarKnight, Senator of Trades Rusty,

Senator of Espionage Cyric Rallathil, and Head of State

Kaatya. Pater Imperium Borg, Ancient Martok, and Ancient

Balandar also attended the meeting. There being four voting

members and the Emperor present, a quorum was declared.

The first Resolution to be considered had been submitted by

Emperor Logan.


(Amendment to Codex, Article VI, Section 2, Paragraph ii)

The voting privilege will be extended to the Praetorian Prefect

only in instances where a quorum cannot be established due to

the absence of a Senator or the Head of State.


Senator Steel stated that the Praetorian are charged with the

enforcement of guild standards and the Codex. Do we wish to

push "politics" onto the role of the Praetorian; this would create

a definite conflict of interest.

Pater Borg remarked that the Senator of War, the Senator of

Espionage, and Praetorian Prefect are advisors to the Emperor

in the WAR Oversight Committee. If the Praetorian Prefect had

the power to vote when the Council was considering a move to

WAR, it could lead to claims of war mongering. The Praetorian

are not politicians; they are the arm of policies that the Council

and Emperor need enforced.

Emperor Logan said that a few days ago, after reading a post

on this Resolution by the good Senator DarKnight, he realized

it was not applicable. The exact quote was "can't mix policing

with politics".

Kaatya commented that she felt the purpose of the Resolution

had been an attempt to solve the problem the Council had had

establishing a quorum in recent meetings; and suggested that

the Council continue to look for solutions, possibly considering

a reduction in the number of voting members from four to three.

Senator Cyric asked if absentee voting could be considered.

There being no further discussion, a vote was taken.

The Resolution failed three votes to one.


The second Resolution to be presented had been submitted by

Head of State Kaatya.


(amendment to Codex, Article VI, Section 2, Paragraph ii)

The Emperor holds tie-breaking vote and has the power

to veto any Resolution. Such veto can be over-ridden by

a unanimous vote of the Council. Pater Imperium holds

absolute veto power which cannot be over-ridden.

Emperor Logan stated that since his early days as a Guardian,

this policy had always been in place. By error of omission, it

was not included in the most recent writing of the Codex. So,

if this is the case, he sees no need for a Resolution.

Kaatya advised that she submitted the Resolution because she

could not find veto powers included in the Codex. She withdrew

her Resolution based on the comments of the Emperor.

Pater Borg announced that he and the Ancients would scrutinize

the Codex to determine that nothing else was missing and would

advise the Council of any corrections that were needed.


There being no other Resolutions to be considered, the official

Council meeting was adjourned. All those in attendance remained

to discuss the application for guild membership recently submitted

by a former Guardian.

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