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Lord Logan

Ancient Clan of Elders & Friends

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The Ancient Clan of Elders & Friends proudly present...

**E-Bay of the Stars Charity Event**

Date: Friday, the 21st of May, 9:00 pm

Hosted in a "UO Supplies" Establishment - Sextant Coordinates: 28 28 N 173 19E

Directions: Exit through the South Luna Gate and directly across the street from the Bagball Arena! Runes will be widely distributed the day of the event and gates from major cities will also be available prior to the start of the event.

Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind auction of some of our brightest stars on the shard! Make sure that you bring your sense of humor and yer knickers with the deep pockets because you will not want to miss out on a chance to bid on a date with one of your favorite players and well-renown players on the shard. Come and watch these contestants STRUT THEIR STUFF and vie to be remembered as the player with the most antics and savvy on the Catwalk! Don't miss out on this chance of a lifetime event! You'll even get to pick the type of date you will be escorted on by the player you won on the bid! Just to name a few - "Extreme Makeover Date", X-Treme PvP Training Date, Doom Cruise Date, "I Just Picked Your Brain Date" and more!!

Just a few contestants you can expect to see "sashay" down the catwalk:

Lord Antonio of the Infamous Travel Lodge! Pride - Pretty PvPer from the Grand ol' Lands of Felucca! What red-blooded Sosarian wouldn't want to be "owned" by her!? Doran M! Who doesn't know Doran from RPG Tradespot?! And the lovely Lady Mystyka...Oooh! La La! says it all about this fascinating beauty .... and many more!

All proceeds from this event will support the cash prizes for the 2nd Annual "Young Citizens of Britannia Quest" coming to Catskills in June!

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