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Herald's Report

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The Council of HONOR meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Members in attendance were Emperor Logan, Senator of Arcane Earwen, Senator of Genesis Lora DeBlood, Senator of Trades Rusty, Senator of War Akroma, and Head of State Kaatya. A quorum was declared and the meeting proceeded.


Resolved: The Empire shall have two Decurions; one will oversee the warriors and one will oversee the mages and herans.

Senator Akroma remarked that she brought this Resolution forward at the request of Legion members because she felt they needed to be heard by the Council.

Emperor Logan reminisced on his tenure as Decurion and reminded us of the amount of time and effort required by the position. He recommended that assistance be given by the Cohorts which would give the recruits more time with others in the guild. This would also give the Decurion more time to work on other issues.

Senator Lora suggested that the names of the recruits also be given to the various Senators for additional assistance.

There being no further discussion, a vote was taken. The resolution failed with a unanimous vote.


Resolved: A Treaty of Alliance shall be drawn up between the Valor Knights and the Purple Guardians of HONOR, and a ceremony of signature will be held at the Chamber of Virtues.

This resolution received unanimous approval by the Council.


Resolved: Awards/Medals programs should be reinstated to give further incentive to everyone in the guild, to create goals to aspire to other than rank, which will keep everyone doing their best.

Emperor Logan stated that these programs had never been "uninstated", but with the focus of leadership being on the rebuilding of the guild, awards and medals had received lower priority. Some awards/medals have recently been given out to members, if warranted. They can be seen on our Roster.

There being no further discussion, a vote was taken. The resolution passed with one dissenting vote from Kaatya.


Resolved: The Emperor will hold court one night during the week as well as every Sunday evening for the purpose of hearing complaints.

Emperor Logan stated that he was not in favor of this resolution because he felt the Emperor should be the "last resort" when a settlement cannot be reached through other means. Guardians should continue to address their concerns through the established chain of command; Centurion, Imperator, Senator of War, Head of State.

There being no further discussion, a vote was taken. The resolution failed with a unanimous vote.


Resolved (as amended): Magistrates' ceremonial uniforms should be altered to indicate their status on the Council as members but not voters, and therefore could carry the energy staff.

Senator Akroma advised the Council that although Kodoz could not attend the meeting, he did want the members to see his concept for Magistrate uniform. Senator Akroma then donned dragon scale armor which had a slight purple hue, a purple apron, and carried an energy black staff.

Emperor Logan questioned the absence of a kilt and made a motion to include a black kilt and send the resolution back to Kodoz for his consideration.

Senator Lora recommended that we vote now but that the resolution not be adopted until Kodoz had agreed to the amendment.

Head of State Kaatya asked if such armor would be appropriate for mages to wear, her concern being the two vacant Magistrate positions.

Emperor Logan stated that more time was needed to see if leather could be dyed the same color as the "uncolored" dragon scale armor.

By a show of hands, it was decided to table this resolution until the Council's next meeting.

UNIFORMS (continued from prior meeting)

Resolved: The ceremonial attire of the Head of State shall be black armor, black kilt, purple apron, crimson sash, a white cloak, a white hat, and an energy black staff.

Head of State Kaatya donned this uniform, stating that the white cloak and hat were intended to coordinate with the Senator's white robes without seeming to be a Senator.

This resolution received unanimous approval from the Council.

Emperor Logan asked if any Senators had sent in requests to alter the representative color of their House. None had been received, so this matter is still pending.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

For HONOR and Empire!

Edited by Kaatya

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