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General Board Guidelines

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Please respect fellow members..

General Guidelines (All Boards)

--No personal attacks. This includes, but is not limited to, insulting others for their comments and ideas, language skills, age, sex and religious beliefs.

--No offensive racial or sexist remarks.1

--No offensive religious slurs.1

--No offensive ancestral remarks.

--No spamming. This includes, but is not limited to, comments not contributing to the board, advertisements, cross posts, and messages posted repeatedly.

--No explicit content of sexual or violent nature.

--No illegal information such as hacking, drugs, etc.2

--Impersonating game officials or developers, or site admins is not tolerated.

--Use good judgement in what you post.

Roleplaying (Roleplay Boards)

--Stay in character.

--Use OOC or double parens, (( ooc text )), for out of character speech.

--Follow the General Guidelines for all boards.

T.H.E. Forum Arcade, Army System, Attack System, etc.

--Do not spam the forums in order to obtain gold or soldiers.

--You can send money to others in some of the addons (maybe a nice b-day gift?)


Board admins reserve the right to ban individuals from posting without warning, depending on the severity of the offense. In most cases, a general warning will be issued to all posters. Then, if that fails to correct the problem, a warning to the specific offender may be given. After that, bannings may result. Also, bannings may or may not be permanant, depending on the severity of the offense. If you would like to discuss the reasons behind a banning, or would like to appeal your banning, feel free to contact an admin.


If you need to contact an administrator of this site, please send an email to helpdesk {at} thehonorempire {dot} org.

1 Some comments may be acceptable when used in-character and during roleplaying. Use extreme caution when posting comments on these subjects.

2 If the game has drugs in it, then that is acceptable. Such as Star Wars Galaxies spices.

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