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SotA Maps

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Post any maps here that you find useful.

The hidden vale (which is estimated to be 1/20th the size of the mainland and off the top NE corner of the maps) and is not visible on the Novia maps.

PoT Maps (added June 2016)

Darkstarr has updated the PoT maps with ALL existing maps and overhead views. They can be found here: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/?page_id=59140

Dungeon Maps



sotamap.com is an excellent resource for maps. Click on a city to view a map of that town.

SotAMap: Adventure scenes of the New Britannia (see reply below for a list).

Simple Grid Maps

The original forum post: SoTA Forum Posting

Hidden Vale - Kingsport Sewers.pdf (latest)

Island of Novia - Ardoris Sewers.pdf (latest)

Island of Novia - Solania Catacombs.pdf (latest)

Island of Novia - Soltown Sewers.pdf (latest)

Island of Novia - Spectral Mines.pdf (latest)

Mad Hermit Maps/Guids

Ardoris Translated

Map SotA Map Ardoris Translated.jpg

SotA Novia English

Map SotA Novia English.png

SotA Novia Runic

Map SotA Novia Runic.jpg

Overland map with player owned town locations (also attached, last updated: Sep 2015)



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SoTA Brittany Overland/Overhead Lot Placement Maps

Brittany Alleys

From overland: South (right side of map)
West: Brit Fields (bottom side of map)



Brittany Estates



Brittany Fields

From overland: South - Watch tower 2_C


Brittany Wharfs



City of Brittany

From Overland: NW Corner

North Gate: Graveyard
NW Gate: Estates
SW Gate: Fields
S Gate: Alleys
NE Gate: Wharfs




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Spite New Layout



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Brittany keeps on expanding folks. 30 more player lots were added to the South portion of the city. Most of these new areas of housing are along Cotton Road, Old Holtrop Road and Jennings Byway.
Below we can see a Before and After comparison of the area I am referring to.

New lots that were added include:
1 City
1 Town
1 Village
27 Row

Gotta catch them while their hot!




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