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My Front "lawn"

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Hello folks.

The area of my second claim is where I have the workstations.

I would like your input and concepts that fit this area because it will retain the workstations open to the public, supplied by THE.

My concept of the entrance into my clains is a pillared area which is a sort of reception area meant to show Dwarven skill at Stonework. I will improve pillars are the general area as time goes by. But the area leading up to it is meant to have a path (Think of westerns where 1 street runs through town) with buildings on the side. One building will be a type of stable. there is room for 2 stories of construction and ideally I want the street to have stone buildings with wood trim. The central path runs through the middle to the pillared hall. Retaining a bit of grass is also encouraged. I am looking into how to remove existing trees and one set of rocks, but the one boulder near the wooden platform close to the hall might remain.

I want it to be grand, worthy of a stoneworkers hard labor, but not overly ornate. Strength and function with excellent craftsmanship, leading to the Grand Pillared Hall of this Dwarven community.

The trees I want to use are the redwood looking ones, standing tall and offering shade to the weary traveler.

Any input is welcome. I ask that your input be to the above ground area only at this time. I intend this area to be used for the time being as a building work-area for the other things I will do underground.


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I re-read this idea and I hope the concept was not badly communicated. I am not looking for a western themed front area, but someting structured like that one-street town that all businesses are lined up on. Think of 2 tall rectangles on end with each one on the west and east sides of town, with a road in between. That is the birds-eye view of things.

I am thinking of stone, preferrably a granite but not necessarily the fancy granite pattern they have in game. I am now thining havng each building 2-3 story, with arches out away from the doors into the buildings (built using line tool) which creates a bit of a 'porch' effect and leaves room on the second or third story for a 'patio' or rampart. I am also thinking of making at least one place where a high pathway over the N-S road connects both sides of the buildings.

Balandar suggested something like a bank with a safe which could be part of one building, and I also considered an area laid oue like an open stable with a few stalls, with room for a player-made horse. That should be a fun challenge.

Barrels and crates, here and there. maybe a cart without a horse situated somewhere.

Just stuff I came up with this AM while working.

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