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EQN Landmark: Guarantee an Alpha or Beta spot


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If you want to get your hands on the alpha or beta for Everyquest Next Landmark you may want to purchase a founders pack! Otherwise, beta invites will be limited to short (7ish) day play times. The founders packs will allow you unlimited play during beta.


Smed, President SOE, had the following to say from Reddit.

1) The dates we have listed are "on or before" dates. What that means is we will start Alpha on our before the end of February. Truth is we intend to start it a long time before that. But you can be guaranteed that we will start it by that date.

2) Why are we letting people into an Alpha? - This is a whole new development style for us. We're making a completely new kind of game and because of that we need a lot more people to help us test things out and make it great. An Alpha is NOT for everyone. Alpha's tend to be very buggy and change a lot, so expect a ton of downloads. That being said, you also can have an amazing influence over the games direction. I think that's pretty cool.

3) Why is the trailblazer pack cost so much? We put out 3 different pricepoints to suit everyone's desire. Ultimately the game is F2P but we actually have to have serious volume to make that work. In the interim while we're building, we have to build out the infrastructure sooner than we ordinarily would.

4) What is Landmark exactly? - It is a standalone, social building and exploring MMO. It will have combat (though not at launch) and a ton of other features.

hope this helps understand

Smed President, SOE

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