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Transmog Trash and Treasure!


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The patch is friggin' here finally. But you have jack squat to use Transmogrification for! Here's more links to help you find the perfect suit to pwn face with, or make those people in LFG PuGs turn heads.

The Visual Roleplayer:


I listed this one before, but it's a nice list of pre-made outfits that are transmog friendly, or even for just plain ol' RPing. Check the side links for other gear blogs.



A listing of 'sets' for nearly every race and class combo. Beware, some can induce blindness (female dwarves for example).



Wowhead now lists Transmog sets also. They are also one of the few sites to have collected sets of the new, green Cataclysm 1-60 quest rewards that match.



This addon is amazing. You can browse an in-game loot list in full 3D, and even try on multiple pieces that match your class. It even lets you link and search by color. As of 4.3, it still seems to work without a hitch.

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