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Da Skullcrushers first captain. A legacy uv honor. - by Volonazra

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2005-03-03 09:13:21

(Inside a tavern in Orgrimar the new Captain and some grunts gather to celebrate Volonazra's coronation.) Ug der bruddas. First round am un me. Letz git a spot near da fire, am cold out tonight. (Volonazra rubs his head then changes the bandages on many wounds) Wat? How me git dis hurt bad? Me blah latz, when da wench git bak wit da grog.

(the wench retuns with the grog and hurrys about her work) Uki, listen me blah da stury.

Az da Skullcrushaz entered da arena, drumz beat out da litany uv battle. Me git ta da areana agh gruk dat der will be tuff fightin waitin for me. Buh wer be all da Crushaz? Me unly sees da warboss agh lord Meifftor. How am Volonazra gunna clomp dat priest by meself? Me git ta finkin uv strategiez. Me begin summonin all da powa of shaduw dat me kan. Me prepare ta tak down da tuffest in da clan, alone.

When me ready, warboss blah: "clompin begin NOW! Da udda urkz be nub coming. Me giv dem guud clompin when dey git awak." Den da ritual begin. Meifttor stand confident afor me. Me kan feel powa uv himz might. Me fink, diz gunna hurt. Me honor cummand me face da priest, buh me nervez command me run lik panzie.

Da warboss stuud between uz, agh blah:" unly da bubhosh will win. clomp ur be clompt" Su da clompin waz gu. Meifftor agh me begin a battle uv shadow. Da ritual circle suun filled with darknezz, thick cloudz uv death, agh da air filled wit horrorz me nub wan ta remember.

Me powa seem ta be hurtin da priest buh me being hurt much dub. Me fight hard, me uuz all da powa dat me kan, buh Meifftor still standin agh guin strong. He chasin me nuw. Da luuk in him eye tellz me da hurt suun be ova, him ready fer da final blow. CLOMP! Me flat.

Az me start ta blak out, me hear da olog laughin agh da cheerz uv warboss.

When me come tu, warboss blah:" Volonazra will liv. Walk it uuf." Da feelin in me nuggin mak me nub sure. When me kan move again, me gu over ta Meifftor tu acknowledge him az captain. Me salute him, agh him ask me ta sit down. Him want blah.

Wat da priest blah next i wuz nub ready fer, nub expectin. Meifftor blah:"Da time haz come fer da clan ta hav captain. Diz bad timing fer Me. Shakha wan me ta gu un jurney. Me kan nub refuz ta gu, agh me nub kan giv clan da captain dey needin. Da skullcrushaz need sumash dat kan luuk afta dem right nuw. Me nub kan tak diz ubligasun until me appeaz Shakah. Az captain, me order lat be da captain uv da clan. Lat will be captain while me gawn." Me fink: Wat? Am me head crackin up? Am dis sum olog trik?

Ta honor da priest(agh cuz him order me) me obey. Me serv az captain. Meifftor mak warboss gruk dat am captain. Warboss fink sum about diz. Him den blah:"It am su. Da first captain uv da Skullcrusher clan am Volonazra. If him fail, me stick him on a pole agh let da vulturez shread him ta death. Nice agh sluw."

Volonara waz stun. Me expect ta lurn sumfing about strength, buh Me lurn much mor uv honor. Da olog lurn me much uv wat it mean ta be "fer da horde". Volonazra swear ta latz bring strength agh honor ta da Skullcrushaz. Me will try mak clan proud. WAAAARRGH.

(burp)Bring me anudda grog wench, me still kan feel head. Agh keep bringin till me pass out. Datz huw it all happen crushaz. (hic)

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