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Darkmoon Days

post-1-0-50185200-1318447256_thumb.jpgI can remember in the first years of WoW how when the Darkmoon faire was in a town the word spread thru the realm like wildfire and that lil plot of land near the city it had travelled to became a busy hub of gamers looking for special prizes, toys and chores that they could only turn in periodically. Now as the landscape as grown the Darkmoon vendors still go about their day and loyally place out their wares and tents on a schedule as predictable as lossing connection just as you get a chance to roll on the item you have sought for a year in dungeon runs. I think these loyal Faire vendors and keepers need a Bit of attention from the GODz and an upgrade to their chores, rewards, toys, collectible pets and goofy rides that could be dangerous.

post-1-0-81127400-1318447257_thumb.jpgThe Achievement system gives designers an open book of add ons that regardless of merit will surely attract the attention of the population (Ascoli and his Achievers) What kind of new games can you think up for Darkmoon vendors to offer visitors? Submit your entry and we will then have a poll to see which 3 would be the most desired. I will venture to the GODz page and post them at my own peril… they have vexed me in the past but I will not give up trying to deliver the messages that the masses desire… .MORE FUN and adventures goofy or serious to the GODz. Email in game your ideas to Colin and have fun in game always!!!

Machinima Fun

In Darnells episode recently he addresses the conversation that the next big patch from blizzard will contain a revamp of AQ40 and the storyline around that. Bottom line is Blizzard this year is focused with Diablo and bracing for KotOR… coming soon too.

Kritics Corner

Nope this is not a place where complaints about Paladins and Mage Crit chances and/or avoidance is going to occur… .but the review of dream world movies. Given it costs about 100 gold to go to a movie for a couple… I hope I can help make a decision to go or wait… hope it helps. This month it is a battle between Cowoys & Aliens VS Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Categories are Effects, Make-up, Beauties, Baddies, Good Guys, Lore, Skin and ok we will review storyline.. Next Month is Apollo 18 VS Contagion… Let the plagues begin...har

Cowboys & Aliens VS Rise of The Planet of the Apes

post-1-0-28635700-1318447255_thumb.jpgGear and costumes easily

Beauties with Alien Hotty

Experimenting Aliens Evil

post-1-0-82964400-1318447258_thumb.jpgSpecial Affects Big Win

Ceasar you root for big

Storyline better andworks

Cowboys and Aliens begins with us being disoriented as the main character and then keeps adding pieces of the puzzle surrounding the weapon attached to his wrist. As Apes begins the ending is laid out as many other science project goes wrong movies all do… but we meet our main character thru an act of maternal protection not plague. Ceasar the Ape evolves on screen and thru the eyes and gestures you truly forget he is an Ape many moments only to be reminded when he logically determines some act or Justice needs to be done. It is actually refreshing to see a crappy neighbor get thumped on for being an ass. In the West our Cowboy keeps figuring out his past and with the help of a Hotty Alien in disguise he comes to learn he was not the nicest person on the western block but that back then did have its advantages. The Western towns folk all join forces and band together with… yup Indians to fight the space monsters that are here for our GOLD… .nope they were not Goblins. Ceasar raises his own army from the downtrodden and mistreated Apes in captivity and then teaches them to work as a team. His new Legion rolls out of the darkness in search only of freedom and without killing humans he tries to instill that Killing is Human not Ape behavior… .control is Ape behavior.

WINNER… … .Rise of the Planet of the Apes

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