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Vaca is over

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I just got off my vacation,i had so much fun, went from nj to myrtle beach.Being many i know from pgoh i was...well alot closer than where i live in maine.While i was in Outer Banks i had brought up to my hubby that 2 yrs ago that same week i was about to find out i was going to find out i was going to have a baby,we were in Outer Banks at that time too.There was a tiny baby in my tummy, 2 octs ago.

That made me smile when driving back to head to Myrtle Beach.That same week i had to lay my mom to rest by scattering her ashes but since it was the same week as the baby i always think that was my moms final gift to me was being able to have a baby.Silly to some but it made me feel a little better after the fact.

Back then....2007, kodoz and i were in our huge fight but i still considered him my best friend. So When i had found out i was pregnant,this is Nov 21st 2007,i remember that well because it was the day before my birthday..the 22nd.But when i found out first ones other than my hubby was kodoz and his new girlfriend.I told one of them first and said not to tell the other because i wanted to but they had already said it to the other :nub:

That was the happiest day of my life,i had been wanting to have a baby for years and coudlnt due to health issues i have,but after like 10 yrs of wantng to i was going to have a baby,Im glad that was one of the last things i was able to tell kodoz.

October is...which isnt as huge but this is a uo forum eheh,it is also the month that i began uo..wow too many yrs ago.Some of you guys dont even know who i am but there are alot of you who i got to meet and many of you kodoz and i guilded you :p With all those i got to meet i was glad that i began uo.Friends and cyber husbands hahaha.I got to lead pgoh for a couple years,i was so proud of pgoh.

That was then,this is now,ive lost my best friend and my guild family,but ive gained a family...one in my real life.My baby James ,i love him so much,i would never forget Oct 2007,I will never forget pgoh;no matter if im mad at you or not :p ; and i wont forget Kodoz.We've all been through alot.Good times and bad,rl.We've all had incredible role plays and guild chats ,some that were... well... not repeatable hahaha.

All this came from just one trip home while thinking of this past weeks vacation.I wanted to share this.

Thank you to those i got to be with during my time as Empress,thank you to kodoz for such a great friendship.

--- Charlie Tiberius

(rp wife of kodoz and retired Empress of PGoH)

(rl mother of my Sweet Baby James <3 )

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