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Help me, please.


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By the way, I just found out that I can't get the first part of my epic if I don't clear this from my quest log.  So...if you guys are in any groups that have other guilds represented, could you ask them to ask around and reply to defcon_IV@hotmail.com?

I got the Monsterous Beast quest yesterday from Vik, and then killed Hrrgyf to get his book.  I took the book back to Vik and couldn't click on the words, and went LD before I could say the words in brackets.  I tried to go back and get the book from Hrrgyf again, but I didn't get it, and my quest book says to take the book to Vik.

    If anyone knows the words to say after returning the book, could you tell me, they were "my boy something" I believe.  May Honor guide and bind thee!"

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Monstrous Beast

you might try looking there. Since you went linedead though and it still wants the book you probably need to place an appeal and get some help from the CS .

type /appeal I lost the book in Monstrous Beast Quest or something like that.

Do it soon, it seems to take them a long time to get to you.

Are you sure this one will keep you from doing your epic? Epics are givin by your trainer and usually depend on you completing other quests your trainer has given you.

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