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    This article describes usage of The Honor Empire website (some links are only available to registered members).

    Note: This article was written when we were utilizing the Tower Theme so images will reflect that template.


    Our rules/guidelines can be found here.


    Note - Menu may change.

    At the top of every page and game subdomain you'll find the navigation bar. This is identical on all sites/pages.


    • Guilds: Contains a drop down of our active guild sub-sites. These are subdomains of The Honor Empire.
    • Community: Activity Streams, unread content, Staff listing (includes admins, moderators, guild leaders), Search, and online users.
    • Forums: Quick links to all forums or forum sub-groups.
    • Calendar: Quick links to the community calendar (displayed on ALL sub-sites and main site) as well as individual guild calendars (displayed on sub-sites).
    • Gallery: Quick links to community galleries and guild related galleries.
    • Articles: Public articles available to guests and forum members.
    • Support: Support Tracker and Help Articles (only available to forum members).

    To the top right you can find additional features.


    • Create allows you to create a new topic, event, gallery image, and submit guild applications. It's also dependent on your forum group as to what you can create (such as this Article).
    • The Bell is your notifications.
    • The letter is your private messages.
    • The warning symbol is for moderators/admins to respond to reported content.
    • Your picture gives access to followed-content, settings (like you avatar), signature, etc.


    There are multiple ways to login. You can choose Facebook or Google, which utilizes their API's to log you into The Honor Empire. Or you can choose to sign-up via the local site (which will require an email confirmation). If you have a previous account and cannot login, please email support@thehonorempire.org with as much information about your account as you can remember (display name, email address, etc). If you need an account merged with a new account (e.g. you created a new account as you couldn't log into your old account), please email support@thehonorempire.org with your new account details (username/email) and old account details (username/email) and which account display name and email you want to be the primary.

    User Permissions and Groups

    See the Help article Forum User Groups

    Posting News

    Certain individuals and groups have the ability to post news. All news forums feed the main site. All guild forums feed their respective sub-sites. Please see the Help article on Posting News.

    Short Links

    If you wish to use a short link to a topic, click the small symbol at the top right of a post share-icon.jpg.54152989fbe94a786d384f4f5. This will contain a link to the post and a short link using empir.org to the topic. You can also utilize empir.org to create a custom short link. Note that if you use a custom short link and the topic title changes, the old link may no longer work.



    The Honor Empire's guilds function as a sub-domains. If you have a guild not listed, or are a guild looking to join T.H.E. Please submit a ticket to have a subdomain created. News, recent events, applications, images, recent posts, guild histories, stories, and other information related to the individual guild can be found on these sub-sites.


    All guilds have an application. These applications are visible to all members of T.H.E. A new forum post will be created in the guild's associated application forum. Note that all reviews and comments can be viewed by all members. They can be accessed via the guild's subdomain or through the drop down Create menu item (top right of forum).


    Please see the article Team Speak on connecting to our teamspeak server. See the Help article regarding Teamspeak Permissions for information on how The Honor Empire handles the multiple guild groups.


    If you have issues logging in, have forgotten your account information, please email support@thehonorempire.org. If you have an issue on the website, need a member's group changed, find a spelling mistake, need information updated for a sub-site, or other issue please Submit a Ticket via the Support Tracker.

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