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  2. Lacey's Service at Cottage Grove

    Lacey passed away from cancer. SoTA held a in-game service for her on 9/21/2016 at Noon EDT.
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  4. "The name is no more. Today Yesterday Blizzard announced that it’s moving away from using the moniker when referring to its online services. “ technology will continue to serve as the central nervous system for Blizzard games — nothing is changing in that regard,” the company wrote in a forum post. “We’ll just be referring to it as Blizzard tech instead.”" Read more at:
  5. Just an update, the Scholars of Novia website was created here:
  6. I'll be creating "A troubled past", which will be in two volumes. I would prefer one, but it's exactly 1 character short of the maximum character limit and I want to include a cover page, like that in the below post:
  7. @Rumblebore, I thought the same when I read some of their responses. It's great that they are thinking about the longevity of the game and not the short-term I-want-it-all-right-now attitude we see from the WoW generation players.
  8. For R34 there will be many new instruments (namely the one-man bands). Once details are released on how to play these instruments I'll post information here.
  9. It's been about 8-9 months since I researched converting MP3 to MIDI to ABC notation. I'll try digging up what programs I used. If you have additional information on music in SoTA , please post in this thread. Music and Instruments Original Post Musically-inclined Avatars can play instruments and songs for the enjoyment of friends, tavern patrons, or random passers-by. At present, your character can only play music while having a hand-held instrument equipped (such a as a lute) or by interacting with an instrument placed in the world (such as the piano in the Owl’s Head tavern). Once equipped with a musical instrument, use the /play command to ready it then use number keys 1-8 to plays notes. Non-equipped instruments like pianos do not need to be readied with /play. You can also play musical files by placing them in the SotA Songs folder. The filepath in your SotA install is: Shroud of the Avatar_Data\Data\Songs All music files must be in the .mml or .abc file format. By default, the game begins with a copy of already in this folder. /play - Ready equipped instrument #1-8- Plays notes. #1 is 1 Middle C pitch /playlist- prints a list of all the songs in your songs folder /play <songname>- plays the song, by file name, from your songs folder /play <songname> loop- loops the song after finishing it /play <songname> sync- prepares a song to play while in a party /playstart- starts all party members playing their synced song Conversion Converting from MIDI to ABC Format Sites LOTRO has quite a few ABC files that will work in SoTA.
  10. Here is a link to screenshots submitted for a contest. Worth seeing what some people have accomplished.
  11. I kept looking at the Ground area, not up on the wall. Silly me.
  12. Fret not! The Honor Empire is here to help members who need extra container space! We have a number of trunks available at the pavilion for personal use. Please contact Balandar to gain access to your very own trunk.
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  14. Outside Ravensmoor Dungeon

  15. I found these questions and their answers refreshing - Nolove 0369: What are the chances to remove the Random from the Enchanting and Master Crafting skill, STARR: We do not plan on doing this. It would be destructive to the economy if everyone could create exactly the same item at will and destroy all rarity in the system. It would also eliminate an important sink in the economy. Are there going to be adjustments to the crafting recipes to reduce the huge amount of resources needed to make a item, (IE 10 metal ingot to make a ring or 12 scrap per ingot). STARR: No. This would lead to a huge glut of items and prices would crash making crafting a completely unprofitable profession. Will the NPC vendors be adjusted to where they buy items and pay the players higher prices, as the item prices increase until there back down to the Base price. STARR: No. This would create an endless faucet of gold that would lead to hyper inflation in the economy. Alfa: If you are going to keep the merchants paying low are you going to lower the prices for Crafting supplies, Reagents and repairs? STARR: No. We want players to supply those things in the long term and compete with lower prices. Browncoat Jayson: Crafting in general is fairly lackluster, mostly because there is no interaction. its simply click-and-wait. Can there be some Active skills added STARR: For every player that wants to have something like this there are many more who would hate to have to do this and find it very repetitive. We do not have any plans for this at this time.
  16. Darkstarr himself answered my discord question in this post. Listed under discord/twitch questions. So now we know how many other towns are going static, now we have to wonder how many of them will be built before Honor Hold. Schneider can you give us an estimate of how many player owned towns will be going with a static build, and if so how many are there compared to dynamic. STARR: Currently 18 of the 330 POTs have chosen to go with Custom Static
  17. On the side wall of the pavillion
  18. Where are these located?
  19. What kind of "books" are we considering writing? .....<ponders>
  20. I will be seeking to find the first edition NOT COPY versions of some we already collected....and soon player books will be we are already finding some in game.
  21. Epitaph Pool

  22. Epitaph Entrance

  23. Epitaph Troll

  24. Honor Hold coming in at 110. The census investigator must have come around after the placement of the garrison.
  25. Greetings Avatars, The newly acquired 2 story stone town keep is now placed inside Honor Hold. It is sitting on a tax free town deed, it comes with 16 rooms. Albeit these will be small rooms. But will be made available to any member of the Empire who joins and needs a place to call their own and stash items. I have no plans on charging new guild members rent. Hope you all have a wonderful day Avatars, see you on the other side of the rift.
  26. RumbleboreGankedbyOpal08-28-16.PNG

    See lower left for detail of my death.
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