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  2. Thoughts - Many "villages" and "cities" in rustic worlds used low stone walls rather than the 8 foot tall ones I have seen in game on peoples lots. Subtle low stone walls, "road markers", "Milestones" may provide a unique difference, if something clever can be incorporated by us into game. Does Sota provide 'street' markers, wayguide posts and the like?
  3. Due to recent mass suicides at Balandar's farm in Brittany Central, a warning message has been posted for all would-be balloon enthusiasts.
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  6. The Troll guarding the bridge. Hilt Entrance. A short break after slaughtering Kobolds. The Crypts below Hilt. A small church/worship chamber with a secret. The Obsidian Forge. @Borg @Schneider @Thom @Rumblebore
  7. I just took a look at QA for R33. Our town, Honor Hold, is now Forest 01! So R33 we'll start placing lots. Please note that the town will be changing to STATIC in the future and all residents will have first priority to place in the new STATIC town. When the change happens all residents will be evicted automatically. We'll try to get in contact with everyone about the change and will likely send out a "State of the Empire" newsletter to all registered on this site (that have "allow admins to contact me" selected). Some pics from QA: Honor Hold on the overland map. South of Brittany and Kiln, next to the PRT Magna Planitia. Wagon in Honor Hold to Magna Planitia Wagon in Magna Planitia to Honor Hold Entrance point and direction when entering Honor Hold from the wagon in Magna Planitia (you face the main plaza in Honor Hold). Notes, as the town is currently static, we can place notes and other objects anywhere in town (up to a limit). We will place a note here on the bridge welcoming newcomers to Honor Hold with some basic information about The Honor Hold, expert crafting stations, jousting, and sky page links. We may place castle walls, a gate, possibly a small lot with a vendor for guild use. @Borg @Rumblebore @Wolf @Thom
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